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New Developer, Lost Mod, Nearing the Final Stretch (Thread)

Welp, been a little while since I've done one of these, I'll admit, but there really hasn't been much to announce. We've had little touch-ups to the site, and a ton of work on the dev site, but hardly anything large enough to warrant an official announcement. Finally, we have enough accrued in the past couple days to warrant such a thread.

It's all FRESH, COOL and FREE, and comin' straight at your face!

New Developer

Or How We Keep Recruiting More Slaves

First off, I'd like everyone to congratulate @TrevInc, for joining our ranks as a developer! He's a great guy, and is sure to be a huge help in making the site as great as it can be!

Shout out your congratulations in the thread, if you would be so kind!

The Loss of a Mod

Or how Senkono is an idiot

Welp, @SENsei took things a little to far in his trolling on chat. Thus, he has been demodded, but will stick around as a regular user. Please do not make fun of him for it. He deserves it.

The End is Nigh!

Or how we will be moving to the dev site soon

The title says it all. We're nearing completion of a working site software, though there are probably still things we lack. We are only human, and will overlook and forget things. This is where you come in. Suggest things you think the site lacks, that needs to be fixed, or that you think would be cool, and we will work on implementing anything that seems right.

Current "To-Do" List:
* Turn chat usernames into links
* Make an "Actions Bar" for user profiles, where you can choose to send a PM, ban, Flag, etc
* Implement a "Clear Notifications" link
* Allow users to change their vote
* An "Unread Messages" counter on the Private Messages button, and color change when messages are still unread.
* Color change on hover for the PM and "All The Things" button
* Reword the "All the Things" button to "All of The Things You've Made*
* Other things, when suggested and approved

So yes, that is about all of it! Shoot your feedback out in this thread, or to the email address "". Cannot wait to hear what you guys think!

Congrats on the dev position Trevinc~!!! Hope you'll live up to the position given to you by momo and gar. I'll be watching your closet...with a camera...i see when you masturbate.

Lol i kid. Again congratz. <3


I'm Trev. acostoss and I have been in the same communities for a long while on the Internet, and through a bizarre chain of events involving favors unpaid and a case of mistaken identity. I wound up on the mod mailing list.

<Trev> hey acostoss
<Trev> I'm still a mod on your site
<acostoss> oh man I totally forgot
<Trev> hey you want me to like
<Trev> work on the design or something
<acostoss> k

  • Dramatic Reenactment.
  • No poodles were harmed in the making of this reenactment.

And that's why I'm a dev now.

About me: I'm old. I'm like 453 in Internet years.

I like anime and manga. I have a soft spot for manhwa and K-pop, since I was a Korean translator in the Marines a few years back. I play guitar and make electronic music. I like baklava and I expect you all to mail me baklava when I do something super-nice for you.

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints, and marriage proposals can be directed to

Nice to have you on TheColorless team @TrevInc ! I hope you love CL as much as some of us other users do and that you work hard to keep it happy! Other than that, I'm looking forward to what you do to help CL prosper.~♥

Congrats on the dev position, Trev! I loved your work on Kusaba X.

Robert... I didn't even know you were here.

Get out. <3

;__; Alright...

welcome, @trevinc!

@trevinc hey, nice to meet you.hope we have fun on the chat i can tackle and claw you :3

Nothing is regretted.

Welcome @TrevInc. I love baklava too! We should like... throw a baklava party! My only advice for you is to work hard for the community, treat others here respectfully, choose your friends wisely, and shun the crazies and believe me we have a lot of crazies.

Welcome and congratulations TrevInc.

@TrevInc: Congrats on the position, hope you enjoy working here cracks whip

I deliver

@Lycan: That video made me drool a little. Handmade baklava is such a beautiful thing.

Welcome @Trevinc, hope you're in it for the long run.

@TrevInc Oooh,a k-pop fan?Welcome and congratulations!

@SENsei ಠ_ಠ

Yay new dev.

Personally, I think it's ok to do whatever with the site, but something tells me simply starting fresh isn't going to change much.

Perhaps adding new functionality to the site will do it some good, but I have dreams for this place. Literally. I dreamt it was right there, next to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. We must expand.

Keep on rockin', and maybe we will actually get somewhere, better than just a forum, or just a bit of people. We might take over the internet by default if we try hard enough.

We start off small. a few people know.
Then, maybe a couple ads (JUST A COUPLE) on certain sites to lead people here.
(Add some other ads from other places so the site starts paying for itself)
And next, we add some APPlications to the site.
User Chibi-Avatars, anyone?
And add PIE as a giveable item.


Welcome, @TrevInc . Serve us well.
/gives Pocky


Make "Pockeh" also a giveable item.

@TrevInc Welcome! Enjoy your stay :>
Senkono is an idiot, SENsei is brilliant.

...Oookay then...

Edited to say 'dev'.

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