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What do you want from the new Colorless site design? (Thread)

Having an extra pair of hands on task means we have room to make some changes to the design.

For those of you who don't know, this is the work in progress that is our new site design. It's not all the way there yet, but it's close enough that you can get the idea.

It's gotten some mixed feedback. I get the feeling you guys don't like change much, but it's inevitable. We've got to have the site performing better to accommodate more than 22000 users.

So, any department. Aesthetics, design, chat, moderation -- what would you like to see in the next incarnation of The Colorless? What don't you want to see? What's good about the current design? What's bad? Be as specific and as nitpicky as possible.

I'm gonna go in depth later but just a general advice. I've been to to this forum, that has existed since 2003 and reached its peak in 2006 with about 1,000,000 posts and 13,000 members.

Then, it moved.

Now, it's still there but it's only populated with 400 members and only like 50 active members left. The new board is definitely miles better than the old one but it's really not what it used to be. That, and the last glimpse of it actually being a discussion forum was lost around 2009 when the owner decided to abandon it.

The thing is, 22000 might be a high number (really high in fact) but only a fraction of that actually posts and an even a smaller group would've stayed if you move. Also remember that people grow up so it's inevitable that people would leave eventually.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't move but try to keep everyone we have happy first before packing our boots. Saying things like this

I get the feeling you guys don't like change much, but it's inevitable.

Won't gonna help making people stay. Sure we'll get your fancy new features that will cater to 22000 people but most of them are ghosts anyway and the real people might leave.

So, my advice is that if Colorless wants to be a better forum, move but don't change the atmosphere. I understand you guys wanna distance yourself from that cartoon but it's the very reason why I'm here in the first place. (and I guess some of the other guys too). If you take that away, no one new will come and the old guys are gonna leave.

That said, I know that cartoon is sorta done or something and might not be the best thing to hold on to but the spirit of it was what made this forum in the first place, an anime themed forum with a cool interface. I guess keeping the theme is my first practical advice then.

Or better, make it more futuristic-y.

A small thing, but I think that the link to your own profile on hover should be blue to match the rest of the colour scheme.

Any plans for BookFace, Twitter, or Google+ Integration? Lots of different sites let you do it now, and it would make it easier for Cl to bring in more users.

Or better, make it more futuristic-y.

Who shares this sentiment? I got a pretty lukewarm response to the concept art I tossed around in chat last night. I'm pretty fond of lighting changes and depth illusion on 2D pages, so if this is common opinion I would love to make the interface a little flashier.

A small thing, but I think that the link to your own profile on hover should be blue to match the rest of the colour scheme.

Noted. I'll ask Gar about it.

Any plans for BookFace, Twitter, or Google+ Integration? Lots of different sites let you do it now, and it would make it easier for Cl to bring in more users.

Well, there's already a link to the Twitter API on every thread in ye olde design. Facebook isn't as effective of a marketing tool, though -- how many things do you click on from Facebook when you've no idea what they are?

Question,are you guys planning to move the posts,member profiles,basically everything from here,or are we starting all over?

woah, meta that's not "email only", I like it.

I pretty much agree with @eterno, there's only a fraction of CL's population left, with a steady flow of leaving people. Especially now, a transition would be extremely risky.
Considering that the old forum was supposed to be left behind as well, with the migration of databases being debated a lot, I can't help but think the "we'll do this because I want to"-attitude that's been thrown around before is utterly foolish.
I hope you, @TrevInc, as our new admin/dev are gonna provide some smart advice and positively influence what's been a bit of an ego-trip for too long.

In my opinion, even if people ask for extremely redundant and in others' eyes useless things, there has to be a compromise being made, and steady communication is important.
The new site hasn't been catered much to the existing users, but created by a "know-better" developer for the most part, and that might prove fatal =/

Maybe I'm being an idiot today, but I can't figure out how to change my avatar on the site. I also liked the thread categories, if you're implementing them then never mind. Also it seems too spacious, there's a lot of empty space on most pages I go to.

I want it to where you have my face in the background and make three different sites with the same name but with different chat layouts.


@Kitto Yeah I have an account there, but I couldn't figure out how to make it apply to dev.

@Kuru Make sure the e-mail you have on dev is the same e-mail connected to gravatar.

@Kuru, after setting an email on dev, you need to confirm it, then set it as your default. Once you do that, your Gravatar will come up. You can send out the confirmation email on your settings page, and set your default email that way, as well.


Sup DC

Oh, wait, you're just a new user that somehow knows EVERYTHING about the site, and just badmouths people whom have never spoken to you, nor have ever spoken around you, save for the three or four odd stickies that have popped up since your account's creation. Not to mention the writing style. But hey, not /real/ evidence, just a damned good hunch.

Can't you just leave the place already, instead of taking your obsession so far?

woah, meta that's not "email only", I like it.

Might want to check any official meta thread, stickied. Such things ask for feedback, in the form of posts or email. We only discourage users bringing meta/issues to the table, as it makes things seem much more unprofessional. Many sites have a "don't bash the staff" rule, which we would like to stay away from. Even so, we'd rather not see inflammatory posts that could have been solved with a couple PMs or emails, instead of starting a shitstorm.

It's finding a balance between what we feel will work, and what we know will not, and what the users want. We'd like the site to prosper, and grow larger. By sticking to Durarara, we are doomed to die. Death Note, a show with a MUCH larger fanbase, has next-to-no active forums for it anymore, as they stuck to just DN.

Sticking to just one show will inevitably lead to a swift death. Sites that are more general purpose have a much better chance of living on.

Now to address things:


Dropshadows and highlights and neon colors out the ass. Web 2.0 as fuck. Alienware ricin' all up in this bitch

But yes, expand upon this more, and please provide examples. What you have described is quite a broad term, one that can go horribly awry.

Terribly awry.

Link colors

I'd also like to play around a bit with that. Changing it to blue may be a good iea, though it'd still be nice to explore the possibility of a triad of colors.


Cannot say I like this. I run my life with many accounts, and I'd rather keep it to where Facebook doesn't know of my online personae, as well.

I'd like things like ">5 likes in a thread = possibly posted to CL twitter account, after possible review by staff", as a way to keep up to date on great threads. There's a lot you can do with twitter, just need some creativity. I'd also like to see +1 buttons, though styled to fit the site. Most social buttons are quite obtrusive, imho.

Sorry if I am being a bit of an ass, just quite stressed with things. My demeanor doesn't change how I feel about things, just how I convey it.

shrugs Hello Momochita :3
I thought this account was common knowledge for.. months? Well, maybe not, I thought enough people knew about it, but it seems not.

As for "leaving", I wouldn't even consider myself "active" or anything. I only jump in when somebody else tells me to check something, like trolling mods on chat or Volkie's next big thing. Sometimes I get a good laugh, at other times I find it too dull to stay for more than a few minutes.

That's about it, you don't need to feel "threatened" by my presence anymore ;) This place is pretty much deserted of people that made it interesting to me anyway, with a few exceptions, naturally.

I assumed as much about it, but had no basis, so yeah. Never spoke out about it, as my hunch could have been wrong. Guess I just know you that well :3c

If you do not spend so much time on the site anymore, why is it that you feel so inclined to post your negativity in these threads? Would it not be more helpful to give suggestions of what you'd like. You know, if you actually used the site for recreation? If you aren't using the site, I am sorry, but unless others speak up in the same way, I may have to dismiss your PoV, in favor of others that are more developed/pronounced.

Oh come on, it wasn't hard - even some of the new guys noticed, let alone a wide range of (former) regulars. In fact, I'd have been disappointed if you didn't notice ;)

Also, read again, please. What I've given was part warning, part advice to hold the balance to appeal to the people more, to listen, not to go "I hear you're talking but I don't care", which has been criticised by others before as well.
My hope for those left on CL is that @TrevInc might bring balance where people saw it lacking before.

For my "negativity" I could apologize, however it is hard to be positive about something that I lack faith in, due to obvious signs of decay. Oops, that sounds negative again, sorry~


I assumed as much about it, but had no basis, so yeah. Never spoke out about it
I knew, just didn't say shit, in the low chance I was wrong. Reading comprehension, man.

And please read what I have to say:

You know, if you actually used the site for recreation?

This is the main point. Reading comprehension again. You don't even come here for personal use, anymore. You really haven't much of a say, imho.

Just to be clear:

I'm not writing the script for how the new development will go. Gar and acostoss have the game plan, and I'm just on board to help. I don't intend to make any changes without their consent.

As I understand it, the aesthetic of this site has always been part of its appeal. That's a pretty high standard, and not a formula I'm eager to mess with. The concept art is just that -- concept art. I'm throwing ideas out there just to see what sticks, so don't get freaked out that you're gonna wake up and it's gonna be hideous. All I want is feedback.

@acostoss I was thinking more along the lines of making the board more horizontally oriented since most people got widescreen monitors anyway.

Then futuristic like GNOME 3 interface.

Not exactly like that but the orientation could be like that. The window could be where the posts are and those little applets could be the board lists while the workspace selections could be (maybe a bit wishful thinking here) where the chat is. Notifications (like being mentioned) too can be at the bottom like in GNOME 3.

Then, maybe make the site a little bit darker. It's too gray in my opinion. Maybe make it more color...less?

EDIT: I'm not saying we should stick to Durarara but to it's spirit.

In other words, the site needs to be more apathetic as in bring out that apathy I felt when I first joined this forum.

"Try to turn this site to a potential weaponized 4chan" I might say, was the first thing I wanted to say when I joined this forum. If only I could want to say something like that again.

like GNOME 3 interface

You know, you were a little bit persuasive right up to that line.

I freakin' hate GNOME 3. Almost as much as Unity.

I appreciate your input, though. Thank you.

@Trevinc you and me both, I was going to create something else but laziness kicked in so I just showed you GNOME 3 interface.

But I was talking about the orientation, not the interface, don't use GNOME 3's interface.

EDIT: Ok, it's more like this. (Why did I even mention GNOME 3? Must be the coffee.)

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