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What do you want from the new Colorless site design? (Thread) - Page 2

@TrevInc @eterno My thoughts exactly. I abhor what they have done with Gnome3 and Unity, and will be living on XFCE for quite a while, at this rate.

The problem here is that site's design fits it's purpose. It is a high end wine/vineyard, making their product known online with it's own page. All of it is geared to making the product look nice, and making the user want to buy it. For this, the site design is fAntastic.

One thing you learn in design and development is to balance form and function. A site can look great, but if noone can use it, it's not going anywhere. It can also look like shit, but be the most user-friendly thing in the world, and will be shit. You must balance the two, to hit a sweet spot that makes it easy for everyone to use, but still appealing to the eye.

Thus, that site's design, being geared towards being an advertisement for their product, is totally irrelevant to the task at hand. We are developing a forum software, which is meant to be used by many people to contact each other, for quite some time every day. Not a one-time stop to buy a product. A destination. Thus, we must prioritize function, sacrificing some of the artistic form that we'd love to have.

Compare an advertisement in the paper to articles. The articles are geared to usability, making the text simple to read. The ads are used to glorify the product, and thus sacrifice function to make it pretty.

First of all, awesome thread. Lots of users wanted something like this for a long time. Very long. Too long.

You don't have to take all the suggestions but getting to voice opinions is very nice and makes people feel more at home ^_^

The thing I love most about Colorless is the the simplicity of everything, so as long as you keep it simple and clean I have no problems.

IF we must have colors though, I would like to have more coordinated colors so that eyes do not bleed even when the lights are off (why do I chat in the dark I do not know and never will), I wonder if it would be possible to have a few templates of themes so that users can choose which colors show up for them? I remember momo posting a site with colors that go nicely together, something along those lines would be nice.

Just my opinion. I like this grey and white too much -hugs old Colorless-

Mobile friendly pages are a plus btw ^_^ The forums here look nicer than Dev on my phone for some reason, I guess its the less contrast or something.

I would like the colors to stay cool, with the blue, use it for the words, no big yellow stain that will blind me. I like the message box but it was rather tricky actually figuring out that it was there behind the banner.I have heard a lot about the importance of increasing the size of logo as it is on merchandise and should be noticed more.I have no problems with it right now, a small problem I had was the borders but it seems it was changed.

Big problem I do have is the loss of the boards, I read about using tabs as a way to replace the boards but I think that would get rid of certain topics that are not as active but still important such as the philosophy, world news, and science boards. I may be getting the tag system wrong but it seems to me like the most popular tagged tags will be shown more, which seems to take away diversity of topics.

Unicorns leaping across the screen every single time I click a link and a free box of Lucky Charms cereal for every user (more importantly, me).

@TrevInc You said something about posting some layout ideas? You should post some links here :3

@Keri Alright, will do

@TrevIn @acostoss @eterno I think he means a three-column layout. Thing is, we don't have as much information as to fill three columns. The sidebar is already quite empty in places.

@JoJoBird Define board, define tag, then find the difference. Look at this.

@Gargron I await the cereal with much anticipation.

@Keri Wait, no, no cereal. Get the cushion first ;-; But unicorns will fly.


@eterno I see what you mean now.

I have to agree with @Gargron on this one. I think two columns should be enough for all of our data, and common consensus is that floating widgets on pages are obnoxious.

There's been some give and take on the borders. When I got here they were flat. I added some shading and Gar scaled it back, and I think we've reached a happy medium. He's very old school and I am (previously unbeknownst to me) very Web 2.0, and hopefully we can strike a good middle path between conservative and decorative design.

Minor change ideas are more than welcome - one big mistake may drive people away from the site, but a lot of little peeves or problems with presentation can do the same. No suggestion will go unconsidered. (I reserve the right to laugh at your stupid idea, though.)

The real reason for the new site, as was stated in previous threads like this one is easier maintenance. The number one enemy of the sysadmin is downtime, and with the enormous complexity of the old site's code, that's something we too much of. The back end of the new site is much cleaner (and much easier to fix when something goes wrong like everyone getting banned ) Honestly, the new site will be down less often and have many fewer bugs, and that's as good a reason to move as any.

Just as a litmus test (and I'm not saying we'll copy their layout because their site has a totally different purpose and... well... I have my own opinions about the site) but what do you guys think of Canvas? What do they do right? What do they do wrong?

@TrevInc Poole's new BBS? :3

@Gargron: the same. Although it's less a BBS and more an imageboard in the literal sense, as the images are the primary content.

I was in for the alpha - I witnessed the feature creep firsthand. But I'll reserve judgment until I see how everyone else weighs in.

bring back the upload pictures page? just with new rules to it so no inappropriate stuff

I wish to honor one of our legendary users by having a new function in /chat/. I want "/Jyastinface" to result in a "ಠ_ಠ" when typed.

Edit: Oh and @Gargron, I want the kick-chuck thingie back ;A;

What @Lycan said.

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