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It’s almost that awesome time of the year not far from now, and what better way to celebrate it here than with a secret santa event!

What is it?
Simply put, it’s a gift exchange, except instead of all of us meeting up at some part of the world (which we could all totally do), we mail each other gifts!

How does it work?
For those that don’t know how it works, it’s simple (I think). You will be randomly given a name/info of person that also signed up, and you send them a gift. Said person will also be sending a gift to another person, and so on, so if there were 25 participants, it will go A->B->C->…->X->Y->A, with everyone between A and Y being randomized. In short, no two people will be exchanging between one another. Sounds good? Well it works, so whatever.

But I don’t celebrate Christmas, will this be an issue?
This is being run by an atheist, but you don’t see me not joining.

Sounds good! How do I sign up?
Read the rules below!


  1. PM me your name, address, and an email which you want to be contacted with to get your match. The cutoff time for signups will be on November 18, 2011, 23:59:59 (11:59:59PM) Eastern Standard Time (aka Momo standard time).

  2. Once this day passes, I will throw all the names into a randomizer, and emails will be sent out with relevant info from later in the day or two by a friend of mine that doesn’t go on this site to ensure that I don’t see who gets who, and will probably be bribed with food to ensure everything’s correct.

  3. The fun part. You’ll have until December 18, 2011 at the very latest to buy/make a present and ship it out. (PM me when you do, by the way, I’ll keep a tab of it.) What goes in it? Well, whatever you think should go in a present!

  4. Budget should be >=15USD (would say 20, but we’re all broke and shipping can be a pain), but handmade/drawn stuff is awesome too, if not encouraged if you’re able to do it (which I know for a fact many of you can do, unlike me :V).

  5. Don’t tell others who your secret santa is, nor ask others who they got. Unlike the military, this won’t be repealed because of accusations of discrimination.

  6. The Don’ts: Don’t be a leech by just receiving a gift, and not sending a gift out. Don’t be a jerk and send something really crappy either. Both situations are equally not cool. I don’t want this to happening to anyone on the receiving end:

Things to bear in mind during shipping

(Sending gifts though the mail, not the other kind of shipping)

Keep in mind of two major things when sending your gift out: Shipping times and any other inconveniences. While shipping to somewhere across the country is quick and takes only about a week or so, shipping to places like Brazil isn’t.

As for said inconveniences, be aware of what items you can/cannot ship out to, some countries are paranoid like that, depending on the circumstances (example: sending things to Italy is a nightmare if you're from the US, but not so much if you're in Europe thanks to the EU agreements and whatnot). There’s also the huge influx of mail being thrown around at Christmastime and any unforeseen circumstances like the mail service going on strike (yes, this has happened before where I live), so send your gift out accordingly; this is why there’s a month timeframe.

Post wishlists, by the way!

If I joined this, I c would so send a dead cat to whoever got me.

EDIT: Nvm, that is terrible, I would send a heart-felt letter with the depiction of a dead cat. with a smiley face.

Okay here I am.

Edit: All I want is your love.

okay im in. if nto for anythign else, then for the fact that you made the deadline for shippign out exactly the date of my birthday.


EDIT: If you get me, send me a pair of glasses like Sis or Dave Strider and I will worship you.♥(Anything if great ,but the glasses would be a prize.)

EDIT EDIT: or anything of the Strider family.

I'll do it, and I wish for either guitars picks, bass guitar strings, riot point card, or anything cool.

Edit: I got the guitar strap, don't need it.

I got some money to burn and I have no friends where I live now
At least it's $15
It's a yes for joining

I guess if I were to get something, it would be either drawing supplies, a ds game that's anime style related, headphones, or cool stuff.

Edit: Also on temporary list

Hmmm put me in the temporary list (as I have never sent anything shipped before and I gotta learn first). I really like the idea

I'd want to join and send packs of crackers but I'm a bit paranoid by the thought of telling my address.
EDIT:Not quite saying that I'm joining in.

Just to make sure, minors should ask for permission from an adult before giving their address to online strangers, especially if it is the same as the home address!

So I'll be joining soon, count me in!

I'm still thinking about it, but I'm pretty sure I'd like to join in too. I've also never really shipped anything, so yeah.

I've had nothing but terrible (or no) presents from secret Santa's. But I'm gonna join in anyway, because there is still hope for a present as awesome as the one that I'm gonna send to insert name here

this sounds like fun plus gives me and excuse to visit that anime store that just opened!~ XD

wishlist ...... anything amusing!~

Temporary list.....
Because I've only received shippings; never actually shipped.

Maybe...I need to learn to send mail as this would be my first time~


Nerdy stuff/hand-made stuff/reasonably price art stuff/reasonably priced books would be nice.
But if anyone made me Bro Strider's/Kamina's sunglasses I would love them forever :3

I wanna join! Count me in :)

I've never shipped anything before, but I mail my best friend every year...

Will probably make some hand-made stuff or pay someone to do some art for me...

WISHLIST: a shoujo manga would be nice. And so is this -- -- :)

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