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SECRET SANTA (Thread) - Page 3

I'll try to get to it. But it's so hard knowing what to send, especially if the one you get didn't say any preferences and you don't know anything about them.

So I'll say something about me to help my Santa out a little.
I am 18, Female.
I like many things both cute and cool. All genres between romantic and gore.
So I would basically be happy for anything. :)
That was vague but I hope it was some help anyway.

And a note to those thinking of giving films, watch out for the regions. The ones that work in europe don't usually work in usa.

Sent off a present this morning. Hope you like it [Insert Name here]!!

Has anyone else sent theirs off?

I'm going to send it away today or tomorrow. I need to buy some ribbons first. :)


I have sent you present as of December 13th. Your package should could in about a week ish...depends because of the distance between us secret santa person.

I sent mine today. So it have two weeks to arrive. I hope that's enough. :)

I sent mine yesterday, forgot to repost.

My gf just text me saying that a package has arrived from New York!
Won't get home till 8 hours from now \orz/

Oh, I sent mine quite a while ago (like, Dec 12, I think). But then apparently something happened to Canada Post the day I sent it so now there's some stupid delay and I have no idea what happened to that package (it better still get sent)



Epic unwrap picsOMGOMGOMG

All the way from New York!
I upgraded a Pizza to celebrate

Opened the box and...
A letter from Santa who wrote some awesome words of awesomeness
Turns out Santa is actually @Viral!! OMG Plot Twist

So What Did Viral Give?

Magazine Pages!!!

And Stickers!!!!

The Box!!!!!

Viral, Thanks to you, Christmas is now sav... Oh yeah I forgot about the...

I haven't opened them yet, I'm just gonna stare at them and try to guess what they are


And yes I hail all de way from NY and I was like omg should i buy insurance of not but I'm a cheap ass omg what do i do GHJUK. I think you will like the box shaped one, but i think you shall find the odd shaped one awesome.

and I am happy you liked the box and stickers and magazines :D


It's a Game Boy Advance!!!
With a Billion Give or take games on the cartridge.

But that's not even the coolest part It was the mag pages In the second package was...

Samurai Mother Fucking Champloo!!!

Only one of the coolest animes which I didn't own yet how did you know?

Erm... so I put it in my PS3 and

With a guest appearance from Jaffa Cakes
It works on my laptop, so it's all good!
Thanks again @Viral!!!

WOOT IT WORKED. AND THANK GOOD ITS WORKS ON YOU LAPTOP. Cause I was like omg what if this DVD is region locked. It couldn't be. Maybe. Iffy. GHJKL well I'll find out.

and I stalked your facebook cause I was like what does he like. I was going to send you some toy story 3 toy that I remember on facebook you liked samurai champloo and I had a 25 dollar gift card to best buy.

But Merry Christmahanaquanza solstice :D and we must bug each other more I never see you on chat anymore ;A; we must talk nerd soon

Do I have you on bookface? Or even better Google+ OR EVEN BETTER are you on chat now?

This is embarrassing. It turns out i've been busy from going from place to place and studying to the point that the number of days i've had for christmas shopping has been very little, if any. So mine will unfortunately be late, but it will be sent out. I promise that.

@Xyopq Man, you made quite a show out of The Unwrapping (2011), I like it :D Also props for having Jaffa Cakes starring in a supporter role.

Guys, you all are amazing. This kind of project thing is what makes me proud of having made this website. I hope everyone will be able to make some friends and have fun with this! Good job, everyone :D

Just clicky my CL profile and you shall find my facebook. I don't have google plus, i've been meaning to get it. My laptop should be coming in soon so you can bug me via skype soon.

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