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creating a manga with my club at school OPINIONS PLEASE (Thread)

First idea or Second Idea you liked?


i will propose two different story lines and i wish for you all to compare and decide which one will be better

1.First Idea @123-456-7890
a)messed up guy gathers random people for friend selection
b)messed up guy’s father owns a bioengineering/ genetic engineering corporation
c)guy abuses his dad’s power to kidnap people and have them gain special powers
d)i still dont know how to arrange how the battle royal will go
e)people will not know their powers yet until they start using them (havent thought about how they will find out about their powers yet)
f)anyways, as the battle is commenced, many battles later, messed up guy is found out in a way, and people are disgusted by how and why such a thing is happening, since the battle royal isnt something they wanted in the first place along with the kidnapping.
g)battle conti-nues(still thinking how itll continue)
h)antagonist will later try to convince protagonist that this is not the best way
i)protagonist does not listen, something goes terribly wrong
j)but battle still continues protagonist still think he is right, still hasnt learned lesson
k)protagonist is in dire situation, antagonist makes protagonist snap out of the protagonist’s ideal way of making friends (yes, this part will be extremely philosophical) there will be a major quote that the antagonist says.
l)protagonist will pass away
m)(year pass)there will be something for the antagonist to remember the events that happened when he was in the battle royal.(something like a badge that “inserts their powers into them”{sounds stupid and a bit weird but itll be better when i think of something})
n)genre: sci-fi, psychological (psychological battle), battle, super-power,action, mystery, shounen, romance (not obvious)
intro : protagonist looks at the screen (example:facebook)
then presses a button allowing him to gain his 8,492nd friend
"wtf are they"
something like that
he thinks internet is a fraud
facebook(example) is a fraud
nothing is true
"friends arent suppose to be gained like this"
then he starts laughing, the longer he laughs the harder it gets
then he halts
"even though im gaining friends each day"
"it doesnt change the fact that i still dont know them"
"theyre dead to me"
and yes, he does have a sick personality
"friends........ "
he opens a drawer next to his desk
pulls out a drawing pad(
starts sketching (the point where the messed up personality protagonist thinks of a plan to gather people and kidnap them)
sketching something
then we see him give off one of those extemely creepy smiles
from a special angle ofc
"friends....... i make real friends for sure..... this time"
and thats how itll begin
he will be the reason why the people gain special skills(powers)
and yes, he does have a background story to his life
the protagonist is a messed up person who uses the battle royal to his advantage to gain (a) friend(s)
the protagonist's ideal way to gain friends is messed up
antagonist, one of the people kidnapped for the battle royal, will find a way to make protagonist snap out of it
protagonist in the end does gain a friend ad its the antagonist, but it was too short of a friendship for them since the protagonist dies soon after

2.Second Idea @Samurai_Jack
organization kidnaps children for secret super power army
tests super powers via genetic engineering/ magic what have you on children
tests, challenges, battles etc for data collection for their goal: an army
down time in between tests, alliances, drama, etc.
eventually either the test subjects work together and destroy the scientists or the plan runs awry and they want to cancel the experiment

since the poll is having problems, please post which one u like on the thread instead

i like the first one better :)

they r both kwel XD!

I like the first one.

for some reason this reminds me of the antagonist of bakuman who relies on peoples preferences to get good mangas but ends up ruining it for lack of individuality o.o
PS: like the first one o.o

yes, i have taken many references from bakuman, it is a great manga, as for anime, idk

I agree with you there, im not sure why the anime doesnt atrract me as much as the manga

First one

The second looks almost identical to Deadman Wonderland

I like the first one better. :3

I would really love if you made a PCP or Reversi fanmanga afterward lol

omfg, PCP and REVERSI would be so sick but i think it's already licensed as Bakuman property.
a good thing about making a manga about manga is that u can create ideas while ur doing a manga and own then
for me i would rather make Reversi since it was a predictable but EPIC plot

I like the first one :D it sounds interesting!

So far I like the first storyline.

Best of luck!

First one for sure, even you seem to have developed it more, looks like it has a lot of potential!

holy shit. i actually had a similar plot i was working on but not a manga. like an actual light novel :D so first one is better id say
XD lol i actually have almost the same plot line you have its kinda weird :P

First For The Win!!!!!!!!! :3

@PigBoss LOL amazing! :D do u read bakuman?

Uhhh.... I'd like to point out how much the first idea sounds like enigma. Literally. Other than the loner with no friends.

yeah, go with the 1st one :D

good luck with it :D

@Momimochi yes, i have red enigma, but it was after i thought of this idea, if u believe me. im still trying to think about how im going to make it different from many other battle royals or survival game like storyline settings.

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