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creating a manga with my club at school OPINIONS PLEASE (Thread) - Page 2

First idea or Second Idea you liked?


I'd go with 1st one.
Making manga in group makes it rather hard. Unless you all have very similar taste on most parts. I and my friend are so different peoples and characters, but we manage to develop totally awesome stories and ideas for manga. Shame we don't get together that much to put em all on paper..

I would go with the first one, It sounds like it would be worth reading. :P

I liked the first idea better than the second one. I think it will make a longer series and have more of a plot.

i like the first one better

i like the frist one better but where dose it take place japan, america?

oh sorry, i forgot to say that it was decided that my friend's idea will be the one which will be decided to be made into the plot for the manga, its not the current one u see right now, its one that has a full plot and still in development. jfyi, he took so much of my stuff :P

@toonami place isnt decided yet, sorry >____<

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