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What is the reason to live when you will eventually die. (Thread)

What is the true meaning behind a person's existence?
One day, their new life begins, soon.. their existence will end.
Nothing at all ends happily, not even Fairy Tales.

I'm pretty much a nihilist so I don't believe there's a meaning to someone's existence. LIFE IS POINTLESS dramatic pose

What is the reason to bathe when you will just get dirty?

I'm more inclined to say that you do not stop existing once you die. However, having a negative outlook on life only makes it worse. You're alive right now, and you're able to do something in your life that you can enjoy or give meaning to. So, don't waste the time you have, regardless if you believe you'll exist after death or not.

This thread could end happily, if you choose to do so.

To get as many kicks out of life and everything it offers before the time limit is over!
Don't care about others, but that's the way i live. And death does not bother me, unless i'm tortured and die in slow unnatural death^_^

The reason for existence is to exist. I agree with Nietzche; why try to live a long life it's boring or only slightly fun. Let's live a life that is 100% fun, even if it's risky. Don't take stupid risks though. That girl that you think is hot but it smells like fish all around her, yeah that's a stupid risk.

Jump to 4:27. Be enlightened.

Will you have a Happy End or a Dead End? Where's the yandere when you need one?

@noodle ....that was touching

We experience life...a life that you should cherish...because...most people don't get a chance at life...

Or because killing yourself would be idiotic,unless you have a good ass reason to kill yourself.

And no...your boyfriend just broke up with you isn't a good reason to kill yourself.

@Warlock Last I saw of her she was smashing zombies
That's just the way life is.
If you don't like it you can quit
I swear that quote works for everything~


@Noodle and really... Tobuscus is one of the greatest philosophers of our time. And also, squids are not alive :(.

<- ULTIMATELY a devoted follower of Tobuscus who watches his videos every single day before doing what I need to do for the rest of the day.

I'm not kidding, I really do; well mostly his gameplay vids

If there's any CL member who actually lives near Tobuscus' neighborhood, they could help sign me up as his opposite-side-of-the-world counterpart and may even call me 'Asianbuscus or Pacificbuscus'


P.s. Squid sandwich.

The meaning of life is to spread stuff before you die

Spread ideas
Spread love
Spread ....Butter
Spread Wings
SPREAD on bed
Spread beef
Spread people on bed
I have this weird rash so I'll spread that also
In the end everyone will spread
Then what I spread mutaits and turns people into zombiesssss....

Or just a very bad itch
That's my meaning of life story since about a week ago....


Live your life to the fullest.
Die with no regrets.

Life is something that when you die you wanna get right back on it.

Also your life is caused by your parents irresponsibility for the most part but thankfully, you're gonna die sooner or later anyway.

Anyway, enjoy life. Because when you're dead and you're in whatever comes next, you're not gonna have the same one.

And if reincarnation is true, try not be the same ungrateful emo that most of you are, you're stinkin' up the joint!

Lastly, chase after your dreams. I don't care whether it's curing cancer or raping every single world leader just fuckin' do something for crying out loud. And, no... sitting in front of the computer all day everyday is not fuckin' doing something whether it's in a cubicle or a goddamn bedroom. (Unless you have something other than your browsers, word processors, or gaming apps open and running and actually doing something of course.)

There's a world outside the computers, the world of poor sobs with no computers but a lot of bitches (female dogs). So have a look around and breath fresh air or pollution instead of CFC or negative ions. Because, it's the little things in life that matter and not the simplication of the world into zeros and ones.

*smokes another joint

Oh and remember, nothing is true, everything is permitted. So off yourself if you want to... It's your loss

Uhh... Because it's either kill yourself or continue to live.
Killing yourself is freaking painful and troublesome. (I'm not the type to really go to the doctors just to get a bottle of sleeping pills. I'd rather sit in front of this computer and rot)

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