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So what about abortion? (Thread) - Page 3

@BboyNoblesse men and women have to work together to have a child women more than men sense we have to carry he or she. and i never said its not our fault its two people to make a child.

I can't believe people are saying that a small bundle of cells have more rights over my body than myself.

I think that if your pregnant, at least give birth to the child. It's your fault you got pregnant in the first place. Don't blame the kid for your own mistakes. Next time you will think before you take a chance like that again. Adoption is a much better choice than out right killing an innocent child.

Depends how long you've been into it.
I swear if it's not even a full fledged embryo (I'm referring to pre-embryo here), go ahead. It's just a few cells.
But once it gets into the embryo stage and actually starts the form the limbs and whatnot... No. Just no.

In other words, I'm saying that if it's a zygote or a blastocyst, it's just cells. I don't care if a few cells die.

Thats mean everything has a right to live who has the right to say who dies and who lives no one i understand as a woman its our body and we can decided what we want for it but dont just say your going to kill it. just because you forgot to take a pill or your boyfriend or husband forgot to wear a condom.

I think this is the only issue that I agree with the religious nuts on. No matter how I look at it, abortions are murders. If it's not right to kill a baby after it's born, how is it okay to kill them before?

There are tons of methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy besides killing the poor little bastards. Use a condom, take a pill, or just don't have sex if you don't want the natural outcome of the process.

I see it very simply.

Case 1 - she was raped.

Find him and cut his balls off. Let her decide if she wants to abort or not.

Case 2 - it was consentual.

Make them both deal with it, no abortion.

It's not about the cells or the sacredness of life. We've been killing each other en masse for thousands of years(lately in fact more than ever before), you hypocrites.

It's about taking responsibility for your actions.

@TokoyamiSenshi i agree but cutting his balls off sounds like it would be to easy on him id rather rip his tendons and muscle one by one

@SETTON18 Even though it was just a figure of speech for making him suffer, rapists are all about balls, I believe.

@TokoyamiSenshi though you could argue trhat they lack the balls to properly speak to a woman and get her normally.. btw isnt taht just what happened in "sin city"?

@break: Indeed. Dunno about sin city, never watched it.

@TokoyamiSenshi yup yp.. (in sin city's first scene, there is somethign about a chld rapist whos the son of the major so the police cant do anyhtign abotu him. weirdly, hes always displayed in yellow color in th emovie, while evrythign else 8except bloood) is monochrome. int he beginning, bruce willis saves a little girl of beeign raped and kille dby him and to prevent him from doing anythign anymore, he shoots him in the balls.)

@TokoyamiSenshi i understand i hate rapist and perverts always looking at school girls and other girls and at timnes boys. they all deserve what coming to them.

But we're too busy being hypocrites about how civilized we are to be cutting the balls off people who don't deserve them.

On the subject of abortions a lot of people support a woman's right to choose, But i think if i'm paying for it! i'm joking i never pay, doesn't cost anything to fall down the stairs does it! jeez some of these girls they think i'm made of coat hangers!

@Ipotane So, SO soon.

THanks for answering you guys, it became quite an interesting thread. Ill tell you how this law project went in a few weeks.

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