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Taking a Break (and Why I Locked the Cutting Thread) (Thread)

A handful of things I'd like to address very quickly:

(1) I'm taking some time off from the Internet to study for a math class my grades are slipping in. This means I won't be moderating or developing for a bit. I will not be checking PMs until I return. Your best bet is to e-mail me if you have serious issues.

(2) For the sake of full disclosure. I deleted my last thread.

It was supposed to be silly, but it got hijacked and ended up way too serious for my tastes. I didn't contribute anything really to discussion, and if that bothered you, I apologize.

That said, don't hijack a thread to complain about moderation. If you think something I did is wrong, come talk to me. I'm a reasonable, decent adult human being. I don't bite.

(3) The only thread I've locked (ever, actually) was the self-harm thread. It's not okay to encourage self-harm or suicide, so don't do it. I also highly suggest not outright admitting to anything that could get you locked up with a phone call.

Some states actually make it illegal to not report self-harm (California Welfare and Institutions Code being a prime example), and in the UK a confession of self-harm alone is enough to have you involuntarily committed pending medical exams and investigation. If you hurt yourself and an investigation determines that we knew in advance, had the means to stop you, and didn't, then we may legally be at fault.

@NGH I'm sorry I didn't answer you before you left last night. Here's the conversation, with irrelevant lines from others removed.

[3.10.2011 2:32:24] TrevInc: Principles of Medical Law. Oxford, 1998.
[3.10.2011 2:32:32] TrevInc: NGH: hear me out on this one.
[3.10.2011 2:32:46] TrevInc: In the UK, you can be arrested for [self-harm]. In places in the US, you can be arrested for not reporting it.
[3.10.2011 2:33:3] TrevInc: That's something we'd just rather not deal with.
[3.10.2011 2:34:20] TrevInc: In fact, Good Samaritan laws have even been doubled with Honest Services Fraud and Obstruction of Justice in particularly egregious cases of failure to report
[3.10.2011 2:34:47] TrevInc: So, I'm not doing this on a whim. I'm not even doing it because the thread sucked. I'm doing it because of liability.

I don't want to go to jail, you don't want to go to a mental hospital. I don't care if the odds of that happening are low or not. I don't care if you like cutting yourself and talking about it. Don't do it, full stop.

Comments, questions, gripes, complaints, wellwishes, and fuck-yous welcome.

and fuck-yous welcome

I applaude you, sir, for ending on that note.

@Momimochi I don't mind properly presented criticism or animosity. Haters gon' hate.

Best of luck, and I cannot wait to have you return.

Also, congratulations, this is the first goodbye/hiatus thread I have approved of!

Laws against self harm, thats like as retarded as death sentance for suicide attempts. Im not saying that self harm is good in any way, but im saying that if you have a shitty life and therefor hurt yourself, they will judge you like a criminal for it making your life n shittier giving yo more reasons to hurt yourself.

@Shorono Does seem kind of backward, doesn't it? I think the idea is the government steps in because "they know better than you."

It's that stepping in that I'm trying to avoid here :/

Welp, CLEARLY...I have more shit to write into my internet safety thread :< I better hop on it during thanksgiving break.

@Lumiex Thank you for writing this up. I wholeheartedly support this effort.

@TrevInc I do agree that the thread needed to be closed, but moreso for other reasons rather than legal liability or that it was too serious.

but it got hijacked and ended up way too serious for my tastes.

I don't see why serious subjects can't be brought up. However, the thread was actually completely serious in the beginning and degraded into a joke-thread. First post,

personally, i cut. im 16, male. any advice?

I don't see a joke there. Most of the other posts on the first page were sincere responses, however it turned into something less serious over time.

The last post before you closed it was

I'm cut. Oh wait...

Not quite so serious.

It's not okay to encourage self-harm or suicide, so don't do it.


What I'm trying to say here isn't that what you did was bad or necessarily wrong, but more that the staff need to respond to these threads in a different, quicker way. Threads like this and this are inappropriate for this kind of board and should be closed immediately with the same information you gave:

Self-harm is grounds for involuntary psychiatric detainment, and in many places illegal. A publicly available board is not the place to discuss self-injury.

If you self-harm, stop and get help, even if you don't have suicidal ideations. There are plenty of resources available, especially from SAFE + (Self Abuse Finally Ends) and organizations like it. Their hotline is 1-800-DONT-CUT.

1-800-273-TALK is the National Suicide prevention line.

Perhaps also include the International Suicide Prevention Wiki since we have a lot of Colorless members from overseas.

This is the second time that this topic has come up, and this is the second time it has been dealt with inappropriately. When a topic this serious comes up and is responded with "kill yourself already you pathetic faggot" type mindset, it's just not okay. It can trigger not only the person who started the discussion but also others who are reading the thread that struggle with it and push them over the edge. But to tell the user base to be kind and gentle is redundant since we're all pretty much douchebags, so instead they just need to be nipped in the bud.

So rather than me being bothered by your actions, I find them appropriate. It's more of that these kind of things need to be dealt with differently by the staff in whole.

@NGH By "started off silly" I was referencing my Naruto copypasta thread, not the self-injury one. Sorry for the misunderstanding there. It was in that thread that there were complaints about thread locking. A user flagged the thread as low effort/unconstructive, and I had to agree, so I removed it.

There's nothing silly about a self-harm thread, and I don't want my arguments to be misconstrued as meaning that one.

I'm going to withhold judgment, as I don't really know the culture and atmosphere of the board as well as some of the more seasoned staff, but should the moderators see fit, those who made comments encouraging suicide will be dealt with appropriately.

Edit: Thank you for being supportive and constructive in your response.

No laws against suicide or self-harm, but you can be "treated" for it, forcefully in a way. Since the U.S. is based off Kant and Autonomy in a way and Kant thought that those who act irrationally can be treated how ever anybody wants. Since suicide is an irrational act, instead of killing them, we simply try to treat them to act more rationally.

@BBoyNoblesse It would be more correct to say no federal laws against self-harm. Some state, county, and local jurisdictions vary. Notably, as I stated before, it is more common to make it illegal to stop someone from self-injury. Not that this probably applies to anyone on the board, but in the US military, self-harm, if punished, is usually met with Article 134 punishment, as well as Disobeying a Direct Order and Destruction of Government Property if the patient is an enlisted person.

Thought I'm not saying we should ignore the problem, by any means, it should not be our liability. The people who have this problem don't need validation from others who engage in self-destructive behavior -- they need support to change their behavior, and more importantly, they need mental health assistance.

Additionally, you're somewhat correct in asserting that Kant's ideas of autonomy and the Categorical Imperative have greatly affected US jurisprudence; however this move toward permitting self-harm (at least legally) is recent, as British common law's precedent is sentencing those who attempt suicide to death (what irony), and treating those who die by suicide as felons, even under some kings confiscating their property. Thankfully, this is no longer the case in the UK.

I tend to follow JS Mill's reasoning on the utility of right to die. That said, self-injury does not necessarily correlate with suicidal ideation, and I (not believing in the afterlife) would not encourage suicide anyway.

@Trev I'm not really a Kantian; I just know junk on law. I prefer William James when it comes to philosophy.

fuck you

You sound like someone going into the medical field with a good understanding on liability, good stuff.

Yeah, well, study hard
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Haha the thread was all a joke. A bunch of people complained about how everyone is making these cutting threads and I thought why not attention whore it out alil. All that was needed was a "Can you delete this,Please? Its kinda offensive." I would have been happy to~♥

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