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Dungeon Keeper Thread (Thread)

Because it's good to be bad.

This is a wonderful game even if it might not be very popular. I played this very much when i was younger. Opinions and comments on the game are gladly welcome!

like for example your favourite creature (Skeletons <3) or anything!

Best game ever!! I used to raise my army a lot- I liked beetles, lizards and to some extent those weird ladies who live in the torture room.

those weird ladies who live in the torture room.

reason enough to buy the game.

Haha, for me I liked the fact that however you used the rooms, you'd get to make enemies become allies- they'd either die and become ghosts, or give in due to torture and join your side! :)

well then i guess ill start witht his^^ whats better, gold or II? or isnt there much of a difference to the versions? i heard dungeon keeper II doesnt work properly on windows 7?

I have no idea of how it works on windows 7 actually... a shame if it doesn't work, really :c and yes, it can be fun to torture the enemies into joining your ranks, though they can't fight properly and get along with the rest of the creatures, so you have to, like, build them their own dungeon and shit. No No, i prefer to make skeletons out of my enemies... <3

hehe im lookign forward to trieng the game then; just hope it works properly on my win7^^ good thing its relively small.

I wish you good luck sir.
It truly is an amazing game.

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