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Terms of Service (Thread)

I think the site is large enough that a well-written TOS would be very helpful in defining what users are permitted to access on the site, the content that may or may not be posted, and any other concrete legal definitions that may assist in having hard and fast rules for content, moderation, banishment, and (God forbid) legal recourse.

The usual information could be included -- non-mods are not allowed access to mod-specific content and functionality (regardless of bugs in the site :/), CP et al. are forbidden, administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove content for any reason, and violation of the TOS/refusal to comply with moderation is grounds for denial of use of the site.

Also useful would be a clause allowing the removal of any material advocating illegal or dangerous activity. Of course, this would be exercised with discretion, but it would definitely be something to point to when questionable or dangerous content is removed.

This would not supersede the current rules page, but act as a supplement, to which the Rules page would link, that defines infractions and policies in more specific terms. I really think this would help quell some of the Y U LOCK THREAD? posts, and perhaps be something to consult for more serious offenses; e.g. multiple sockpuppet accounts for ban evasion, harassment, illegal content.

TL;DR The less the site is legally liable for the stupid things users do, the better. I think we should have an explicit and detailed TOS.


Edit: I am aware of the TOS and privacy policy on the dev site. Perhaps implementing that on this site would be useful.

Well, it can't hurt to just put one up somewhere. Sounds like a good idea
since i can't see how it could be a bad idea.

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