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I am so distracted.. (Thread)

I love computer and I love internet.

When I try to sit and do my work on my computer... first thing I do it, "alright let me dick around on the web a little bit." so I go on to reddit and dick around for like 30 min... then I do a lil bit of work, then go watch Season 3 of The Office =_=... not only that I turn on League of Legends to check who is on, and every damn time, I get invited to play a game. Then I go on reddit, and repeat.

and when I try to do some work like seriously, my girlfriend text me(yeah you heard me :D. Everything worked out in the end) and we talk for a while and I end up getting very little work done.

Doing some kind of work on my computer for me is like reading a bible while riding on a roller coaster.

how do you work without being distracted? tell me earthling.

That sounds like everyone's life story on here.

if it doesn't kill you, disconnect your modem XD

@PigBoss I need it to do my work T_T

One of Bruce Lee's students asked him one time advice on how to make his kicks faster. Bruce Lee responded, "Kick faster."

The point is, kick faster. Wise nod

lol then print the shit that you need. write with a pen like SHAXPERE and do it like a mofo boss.

and wut deftones said

shit like this... is disturbing me to death.

@9mm I wrote that song.

I have two computers I use. One for fun and music/art work. The other is strictly web dev. On it, I have blacklisted all of my favorite timesinks, and made it quite impossible to put games on (I only really play older games on the computer, which would require Wine if I wish to use them on my Linux computer)

It works out pretty well.

@9mm I'm twelve years old and what is this?

You probably got ADD like most of us so it's completely... normal?

///Just manage time much better, like 10... i kid like about a few hours to relax and enjoy internet than do the important stuff you need to do idk how to stop being tempted to do more i guess shock///

Get a friend or someone, to take away your computer for that hour when your working. Or you can just leave the work really late until you HAVE to do it.

Or you can just leave the work really late until you HAVE to do it.

Which is exactly what I'm doing. Class will start in 2 hours D:

Kick faster.

A part of our dojo philosophy, pair work. It's super effective!

Do the work you'd normally do by yourself with someone else. Find someone who has to do the same things and do it together. Agree on it beforehand. That way, you're bound by promise to that other person to do your shit.

@9mm @Kuru I taught her how to play guitar.

I just try to prioritze what i'm working on, like before i go onto the internet i will do my homework or something, then when i finish that or get to a good stopping point i will take a short break and "dick around" as you say hahaha, then go back and finish it. That works for me, but idk how it would work for anyone else.


I listen to music. It stops me from needing the internet for awhile. This method won't work for everyone though, but you could still give it a try.

Make a exact time when you will start on your work, give a exact time when you'll stop working. It's best if you physically write it down on paper and keep it in front of you. Add some details to make it specific. The more specific you are about what you will do the better chance you have of doing what you meant to. think of it as a contract with yourself, you don't want to leave exploitable loopholes.
As a deterrent, the same thing works, such as "I will not dick around on the internet until I finish ___"

However, the human brain always seems to skim over words like 'can't' and 'won't', so your best bet is to rephrase it to something more like
"I will only fool around on the internet after I finish all of my work, which I must have completed by today"

By setting these guidelines you can sort of trick your brain into thinking it's a habit to do your work then and not do anything else, and following a 'habit' is easier than doing something out of the regular pattern.

There was a article about this on Tofugu if you want me to dig it up for you, it has more detail on what to do to trick yourself into a habit of actually gettign shit done, as well as more tips on how to work. A useful read for people wishing to study more but ca't get into it.

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