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What color is your room? (Thread)

They say the color of your room influences how people's mood is when they are in it. So my question is; What color is your room?

mine is beige-ish.

Very light blue-ish, almost white in color.

Left side: Light Indigo
Right side: Dark Indigo w/ a repetitive vertical silver shining swirl-line pattern.

I have one dark purple-ish wall and the rest is white.


Blue/white with a solid blue ceiling.

lol. I use all the different tints of white i can find cause i cant afford one solid bucket of some other color XD
since different tints-->disgusting 3Dish white cum color all over the wallz.

Semen white. All over. Like my chat bubble.

White,a nigga don't got the time or money to be painting a wall.

@PureBoredom :'(

@August All. Over. :o)

And it fucking blinds me every morning if I forget to close the blinds.

light purple with darker purple furniture and curtains/bed sheets.

I do love purple. My room is really quite awesome in how purple-y it is. I must take pictures sometime.

I have a converted attic for a bedroom so anything other than white would make it like a fucking dungeon in there. I painted the alcoves grey though like the adventurous little shit I am.

Light yellow, a really cheerful tint. :)


Black, because fuck it!


Lies. Its peach

white, deal with it.


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