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(2) Voice Acting Line Request Thread (Thread)

A general thread for requesting short lines of voice acting.
If you need a voice, state what you need here and hopefullysomeone will come to your heed.

If you'd like to know, the "NEW" in the title means of a new request and how many new ones, it will go down after a week of the request.
Basically just an indication. - "Hey yo...Really?" - "No the toilet's not stuck." - "I bet this would go well with butter on the side." - "It's bedtime, GO TO SLEEP ALREADY! Gosh, people these days, they're like owls or something" - "I wanna wear you skin"


Please, I need voice actors for a 30 sec. short animation film I am doing for school. I need these voices as soon as possible so please, help me out. I will give you credit for your voice at the end of the animation and I will upload the video in here when I finish. You are also free to show this video to your friends if you wish because well, once you contributed in the voice acting, you are part of the project.

The following are the voices I need:
- Fruits: 2 or more voices needed
- Tomato: The main character
- 1 voice of a little girl

Dialog 1:
Fruit 1: "Go away Tomato, you are not a fruit"
Fruit 2: "Your kind does not belong here"

Dialog 2:
Tomato: "I am too a fruit"

Dialog 3:
Little Girl: "Hey mom! I'm hungry! What's there to eat?"

Dialog 4:
Tomato: "Hey! You don't have to wait for your mom to cook something. These fruits are ready to eat!"

Dialog 5:
Fruits: Oh my god what!?
(fruits screaming)

Dialog 6:
Fruits: "Nooooo"

Dialog 7:
Tomato: "I guess there are good things about not being a "fruit" after all. Muahahaha"

Oh that's cool I'll try if I got time.

That would be great! If anyone else is willing to help please do so. I know there are a lot of talented voice actors here in CL.

@One I could try the little girl just for lulzeven though I'm actually 26~

I guess I could post here what I need for the next Supido no Densetsu Videos then, nice idea MrTrain. I'll follow this up with what I need.

NEW The latest Myogi-CL project: Viaggio Grande is in need for VA's. Go to this link now:

My manly voice:

My other voice:

@The_Original_Original, I heard your voice for @One's animation, it sounds perfect & clear. Would it be alright if you could audition for my Adrianna Promo video? I think you will fit well.

Thank you @The_Original_Original! You the best.

That's one line done. Now a few more to go.
So umm gais.... I actually have a deadline for this project. I have to finish this animation in less than 2 weeks.

Even if it's just one person doing a few or all roles that would be incredibly helpful.

And please indicate how you would like to be credited. PM me with your name otherwise your username will be used by default.

Oh yeah, don't forget to help @MyogiWarrior34 too lol.

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