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Walking Dead season 2 (Thread)

Ok, I'm a bit surprised this thread hasn't been created yet because this is a great show on T.V.. This is where fans of the show can talk about current and upcoming episodes, theories and speculation are accepted. Basically anything about the show is acceptable here except like major spoilers you know because your friend is a writer on the show or something, or you browsed the internet harshly to find such spoilers.

Or you read the comic xD

Man I'm loving the new season, it's a bit odd though now considering I've read the comic, I mean one big shocker is how far the show is willing to remove itself from the comic. I mean we get basic plots like Carl getting shot and them moving to Herschel's farm. But then we get things like Otis dying in the most horrible fashion when in the book he actually survives.

So yeah I'm really interested in seeing where this goes now. Makes for good tv for both casual viewers and fans of the comic book XD at least we're not retreading the same old thing again.

Has the marvel begun? I must watch.

I loved it, but then Otis died horribly and I was like BALLS TO THIS and dropped it. Too much negativity for entertainment

. . .I'm sorry you dropped it for OTIS dying? too much negativity for entertainment l___l YOU DO REALISE YOU'RE WATCHING A ZOMBIE SERIES?!

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