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Trello Project Tracking (Thread)

I'm always interested in online project tracking tools. Especially if they could be used to help us better organize our projects...

Take a look, it's pretty slick...and not to mention... FREE.

And here's their site.

Oh that's actually pretty neat and handy.
No, let me rephrase that, very neat and handy.

@Fieyr You always have great ideas, always looking for ways to improve the site while keeping users happy. I think this trello site seems really cool and should work well with the projects on this site. Especially when seeing huge text o'walls trying to layout the project.

Thanks for sharing the site.

While on this thought process, should I ask Gar or someone to make an organization oh CL, it might work will for the numerous projects we got.

@JoJoBird - Thank ya sir :) And yes, this is part of my crusade against giant walls of text.

@MrTrain - Can you elaborate? Do you mean register on the site to serve as the project manager? If that's the case, I'm thinking that whoever leads the project would do that.

I imagine that anyone who is registered could be a project manager by starting a project and then adding other people who have registered on the site to their project.

If we had just one Colorless Organization, I doubt Gar would want to oversee every single project. And then things could get hairy when trying to decide who to share the login information with. Someone might start a bogus project just to gain access to the account.

You gave me another idea though...It might be helpful though, to have a visual representation of @Gargron's work on the dev site. It might be a good way for him to organize our suggestions such that he and everyone else had a clear view of what's being developed, planned, etc.

I'm going to play with it some at work tomorrow since we're in need of something like this, so hopefully I'll be able to provide some more details. Let me know if I completely missed what you are trying to say.

wwwww, I actually suggested this software in the Staff Skype chat a couple days ago, and we've been using it since.

@acostoss - That looks great!

Question: Is it possible for people to register and view the project without being able to affect it?


Not from what I can gather. I can set it so that people cannot Comment or Vote, but they'd still be able to make new "Card"s, add labels, etc.

I assume it'd be possible if it was public, but then you couldn't fine-tune who can view it, so it might not be a perfect fit for what you are thinking, either.

@acostoss - I'll bug the trello devs for a read only permissions group. Thanks for the info.

No problemo~

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