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Favorite Anime Eye. (Thread)




@PureBoredom The animation department was high that day. nomnomnom

Don't forget anything even relatively related to Clannad, Air, or Kanon.



Grimmjow's. Hands down.

(Though I do love Hollow Ichigo's eyes as well! ^_^)
i guess its gotta be alpha stigma.
on a side note something interesting regarding a real eye conditionw ith similar naming.


Gin from Bleach. He opened his eyes twice or something in the whole series. And I just remembered it as they had some unique colour...

@Ecstasy they were just normal light blue though..

He knows where you live. Pfft...Other than that I like Black/White Rock Shooter's eyes.

Maniwa Pengin

Hitei Hime

Higaki Rinne
i dont even watch this show... i just like his eyes :)

@break, hmm, I thought they were turquoise or something. well, anyway, I liked the whole thing that he kept his eyes shut most of the time and he opened them only in the ep where he died

@Ecstasy yeah, though hes no the first one who did that.. its fairly common, there are a bunch of shut-eyes chaarcters, though i admit gin is one of the better ones of that trope.

Gin's not dead

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