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Favorite Anime Eye. (Thread) - Page 2

Casshren sins:

+1 for Code Geass

found it

@Momimochi ugh... it's good if it's true. it's bad i haven't found it out myself.

L from death note

Geass because you can't help but to look at it when Lelouch uses it.

sasuke with the curse mark sharingan eyes and pains of course

YES!! Most fav!

the slashers eyes as well

then again, the most powerful is prolly the mystic eyes of death perception.
of course wed have to wonder wether ryougi shiki's or tohno/nanaya shiki's mystic eyes of death perception are stronger. well, for this we'd need to know if the later shiki, satsujinki, would be able to kill metaphorical stuff like diseases or stuff that cant naturally die too, like ryougi shiki can, well, at least forliving things they can presumably kill everything...

i'd have to agree with kuru and kitto pics

Vampire Knight Banner

It's soooooooooo beautiful~
teehee ^w^

I luuuuuvvvv toga~~~~ <3 more than anyone else :3


o hey i like your eyes take~
loljk you aint got any

Obviously a lot of people are going to mention Zero's eye. It's such an integral part of the series.

I would say Ginko's eye, from Mushishi is quite memorable because well, it's just one eye. And characters with just one eye are either mysterious or in need of a haircut.

Hmm... Favorite eye...

Ciel from Kuro Shitsuji

Takane from The iDOLM@STER

^-^ AWW YEAH!!! >:D

Ulquiorra's eyes:
Ciel's eyes:
Sebas-chan's eyes:
L's eyes:

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