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Manga idea (2twin body) (Project insada) (Thread)

I have had so many ideas fouting In my head for a manga/anime/novel
Which one is better?

1~ main character hides secrets form his friends and family. Living a lie trying to protect his way of life. The secret is his sister. Her body died as soon they were out of the womb. Though her body died, her soul and mind were never in her body in the first place. She remaind stuck in the brothers body.
The brother has founda way to lead a somewhat separet life. The catch is that the brother has to pull one eye out. The eye will grow a body for the sister. This would last for a random period of time. The eye will be replaced for a short period of time. When the time expires. He will regain his eye.

2~ main character has his sister trapped in his body. She is able to manafest herself only when her brother listens to certain music. The main character has the power to bend energy with his will(mainly shielding/supporter). The way he uses his power is to listen to certain music which allows him to manafest his sister. The sister is a very aggressive, kind, and loving. When she manafests, she too has the power to bend energy(mainly guns/swords).

Id type more, if I wasn't using an iPod.
So please comment and suggest. I'll make a 5 page draft for both later

I'd say that number 1 is more interesting, however the first sentence

male main character hides secrets form his friends and family.

Just seems really cliche. Moreover that main cause of interesting in number is the eye thing.

Thanks for the your input

Sounds interesting. Could have a concurrent plot happening there.

Like the first FMA anime in which the characters live in two worlds at the same time. (Of course we only get to see the things happening in the alchemist world and not our world there)

well, #1 is way more interesting, suggest adding more mysteriousness or uncommon-ness to the main character in the way that while he/she has 2 souls in 1 body, he/she has an alter ego corresponding to the behavior of the other soul which leads them to an unnatural life that supports the big climax and ends with happy yet unfortunate ending :D

well its only an opinion though

well i got another thing that poped in my mind, so im going to ost it soon

page 1,2

page 3,4
sorry for not editing lol
i havent got much sleep this week.

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@Inasda GREAT!!! why don't you ink it out! :D

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