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anime contest (cyborg girl) (Thread)

well im vice-president of my robotics team and we want to make a new mascot. the person who submits the best drawing will be recognized in one of the biggest robotics competition in the us. we will use the winning drawing as our mascot and put it on buttons and other stuff.

basically what we are looking for is
a cyborg anime girl
red hair
with devil horns
black or white background
we only need from the waist up
cute yet deadly

winner will have his name put on our robot. and will forever be immortalized as the creator of our mascot

I guess I shall try...
But 90% of says I'll fail cause I am an somewhat amature

@inasda no prob all level drawings will be looked at :)

Wait my result! Maybe tomorrow will be done.. :)

i will try my best

What robotic competition is this? I mean like the name of it.

..are devil horns really necessary? i think robot girls look weird with it.. id rather do something ruaha klein-like...
-- --

not my own art, shes a character from the visual novel "sekien no inganock-what a beautiful people", but i thought she might fit what you were searching for quite well.

I shall try...If I find the time c:
i hope this is good! i can also make a cuter version or a more deadly version if u need
or how about this one?

@crazymexican You're part of a robotics team? That's pretty neat :3 What's the deadline of this?

well our season dusn't start till January guess till the end of November?? and hmmm imma looking for a more half human half robot girl..

post what u guys got. the more i get the more i got to chose from

Maybe I'll try. Don't expect any sort of spectacular coloring, though. I'm keeping it simple so I don't ruin it.


Interesting. I shall attempt to partake in this contest.

Hm why not.
Alright I'll join. Due date?

posting my attempt on paint in a few min.

thats all i got so far
Edit; i think adding horns is overkill and hard to work with since it is a cyborg

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