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anime contest (cyborg girl) (Thread) - Page 7

@crazymexican Waaaahhh! I didn't expect today to be this busy! Please crazymexican! Give me just a bit more time! I'm working my ass off now!

tsk tsk tsk
allright ill give u till i get off line
u got an hour 2 at most

Lolz @eterno
You are screwed

well time up guys winner is @elegy!!!!
ill pm u with the details

congratulations @elegy

now, I need to throw my new tablet @ the wall because it keeps dying on me.

I'll probably post mine later when the tablet stops uninstalling its own drivers.

but it doesn't matter to me, CONGRATS @elegy !!! :D

i loved all the artworks guys. thank u for supporting me:) and dont worry ur drawings wount go to wast. i used them as backgrounds for the computers that we use
in robotics

congrats @elegy!!!! wanna draw me a pic sometime? :P

congrates @elegy!!!! you totally deserved it!!!
(i totally fell asleep on this thread!!! I'm so sorry!!! @crazymexican im sorry for being irresponsible and thanks for all the things :) )

Oh pfft I'm sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this thread

@kuraihikari don't usually do free requests, but maybe we could do an art trade or something when I'm not so busy with drawing Christmas gifts and local contests?
I dunno, maybe sometime in January if I'm not dying from schedule overload I'll start up a mini request thread.

elegy did u do the smile change?
oks ill be making buttons and other stuff for the club using ur drawing


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