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2 Tiger & Bunny films starting in 2012! (Thread)

Can we get a fuck yeah in this thread?

fuck yeah!

.............. YES. JUST YES.


Took you guys long enough to post about it -___-

It's a shame we're not just getting a second season but this'll do. Though there is one problem... the TIME between cinema releases and DVD/BD

.___. It was just posted this morning?! Um. Rude much?

Who cares?! It's more Tiger & Bunny! I don't give a fuck about the time between the DVD release! After all, I have to wait for Evangelion 3.00 DVD release!

speaking of which, the BD for sor ano otoshimono movie is finally up for pre-order.

Look on the bright side: THERES TWO FUCKING FILMS COMING OUT OPPOSED TO ONE, PEOPLE. TWO. FUCKING. FILMS. In one year, I'll add as well.

Exactly, I do not care about when the DVD will come out. If anything, it will look way more better since DVD releases tend to fix up things. (Evangelion 2.00 anyone?)

That, and it's Blu-Ray HD quality when the DL/Sub comes out. What beats mecha(ish) styled 3-D (ish) graphics with awesome art in CRISP and CLEAR quality?

You probably don't even have to worry about BD looking DVD quality, since BD and DVD format are (99% of the time) released simultaneously these days. No one bring up the EVA 1.00 and 1.11 case; that's completely fucking different. Afterward, 2.22 had both a DVD and BD simultaneous release.

...... Oh wait, no. I just remembered...
There's going to be a fucking KotetsuXBarnaby rage on pixiv again. Damn.

@Momimochi hmm well i guess its only natural.. though i 'd say kotetsu qualifies more as a father-figure to barnaby. kotetsu x blue rose, btw!

YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYYYAYAY!!!! and there was much rejoicing!!!!
kotetsu is WAY to old for blue rose, THATS more like a father figure(maybe even a brother...?) :O they have such a bromance <3 they work so well together

The creators left Kotetsu's age up in the air.

He could be in his very late 20's or early 30's for all we know.

Isn't Karina 17-18 anyway? She looks like it, anyway.

Karina's of age to go into a bar and yet still in school. I'd say give or take 18-19.

And no, I'm serious. Pixiv people loves their shounen-ai/yaoi stuff. Once a potential BL pairing gets "officially established" in an anime, the next day, every single "ranking" category (daily, monthly, weekly, rookie) has at 5-9 in the top twenty. Then again, this is only for ONE couple.

Of course, pixiv was half the reason why I started T&B. Made me realise how godly his beard was.

Thought so. So yeah, she isn't too 'young' for Kotetsu, considering that we do not know Kotetsu's official age and all.

Um. I just do not get the Kotetsu/Bunny pairing at all. I mean, Kotetsu DOES have a kid and he's a widower of all things!


I blame how the producers made Bunny's grand entry. I swear it was that scene that screwed the fangirls over.
And the fact that Kotetsu cares "too much" for Tiger.
Also that they're "partners".
Of course not to forget the fact that Barnaby is apprently "tsundere".
And that Kotetsu is apparently "too involved with Bunny".

..... I don't get their logic.

well, its werd isnt it?
well, blue rose might be too xoung for kotetsu whihc is prolyl why he doesnt realize shes got a crush for him (kidna funny, finally a not-noticign mainchar who actually has an udnerstandable reason for not knowing!) but id kinda liek it if blue rose got what she wanted here, considering his daughter also lieks her. though id guess kotetsu at least to the late 30's or early 40's, considerign he works as a hero sicne 20 years and his daughter is about.. 14 or so right?

@break: Kaede is 9.

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