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2 Tiger & Bunny films starting in 2012! (Thread) - Page 3

@break I dont really think hair color can be used to dertermine age in anime anymer with the skyrocketing ammount of silver/white haired characters, but i agree that Mr. Legend was probally in his fourtys, but unfortunately you cant really use the other characters ager to dertermine Mr. legends age due to the fact hes dead so... hm...

but i do hope Kotetsu ragans his powers because a move featuring a 1 minute hero sounds boring. even though it IS Tiger & Bunny we're talking about.

well, there are two peopl we can get around with mr.legend's age: hisson, whose a lawyer and doesnt seem tooo old (at least not much over 40) and kotetsu saw hi in his childhood... and his wife's still alive too.

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what the fuck is going on!?? Their either having anouther epic battle, or are running at eachother romanticly.... we'll have to watch the movie to find out!!!


I hate Kotetsu/Bunny ship with all my being. Kotetsu is a widower with a kid, I'm 100000000000000% sure he's straight.

Someone had to fill in as Kaede's Mom anyway.

Calm down Ashkachan, it's just their bromance with a little more "mance" in it than "bro"

Let people fan. Ain't no fan-cock/vagina-blockin' all up in here.

@Agitation considerign how the team lovs to trol the viewers with misleadign "spoilers" (like the scene in the second opening where they pawn lunatic, even though he still rarely apepars in te second half of the story but the openign totally makes him up to be the vilain.), its prolly just somethign during a cocnert(dancing) or a show or somethin g like that,

fuck the hell yes :D

fuck yeah!!!!!!!!
(what about durarara?? durarara season 2 please!!!!!)

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