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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 2

im in!

I state the notion that everyone should get a handicap due to @Jin_sama, or Jin should be crippled.

I agree with @kuru. LOL

@Kuru I say nay. No honor winning against a person who's handicapped himself I say! Even if we lose terribly.

I'll join!
T-this is so intimidating. flails

And yes...let's cripple Jin...orz
Or make him draw with his nose.

Cool story bro. Now go and take a look at @Jin_sama's works and cry in the corner like what all of us here has already done.

EDIT: Damn. got ninja'd.

I'll join. I'm certainly gonna win this.

Hope so...

I shall join now.

I'm crippled! I'm have Skyrim-syndrome!! xD I'll probably on it too much and forget the deadline xD
and just took a quick stab at designing my fighter :D

Don't rly like it tho :P he lost his epic-ness half way thru the painting :P Probably gonna design a completely different champ.

D: Jinnnn whyyyyy????

nah I'm just kidding, I'm not...THAT SAD HAHAHA ._.

why what D: ?

Why do ya have to be so gooooddd D:?

Jin is gonna win, obviously. We stand no chance..
But sign me up, anyway!
.. I haven't decided on what mary-sue to use yet. hm.
This is my character committing seppuku after seeing jin's character.
I hope to make him man up quite soon.

:P tbh if it like this how bout I join as judge or advisor or something ? I seems to be scaring people off :(

Haha nah, I actually think you would be interesting as "the person you know is better but try harder to beat" err... rather "the impossible rival"

Well, I really want you to stay in so that I might have the chance of competing against you!

EDIT: Oh! I got a better title, "The scripted boss" you like when you play a video game and there is a boss that you are supposed to lose to, no matter what. ._. that.

I know :D I could be the BONUS STAGE xD
like when you finished the game, you get bonus stage, a super hard boss, defeating him is not really matter, just for funz :D
how that sound ? :D

I got a solution in mind to make this fair.

How about we grade the participants in 3 ways:

  1. How good the drawing is
  2. How good the ??? is
  3. ???
    (please make any improvements as you see fit)

So if you get 2 out of 3 you go to the next round. That way if one of the contestants is way too good in drawing, at least the other still has a fighting chance to win if he/she has a better execution, imagination, etc.

It's not cool to exclude @Jin_sama from winning a cat ear hat or what ever the prize is going to be just because he is good. Or just do the boss thing cause I think people would like that idea as well.

I quite like the bonus stage thingy as well :D cos tbh I'm 3rd year in Uni atm so I don't have much free time ( PLUS SKYRIM!) but I want to participate even a tiny bit :)

let just try it this way, the winner of the whole thing will have a "battle" with me, the bonus boss, I'll be painting ONE painting, which include the boss as well as the winner's character, so in a way it's like a bonus gift for the winner :D

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