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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 3

i'd like to participate; i have confidence in the quality fo my drawings (though i sure lack confidence in the speed of my drawings. i hope i dotn miss any deadlines.)
(hmm blood and gore btu no rape in the battles huh? bummer xD)
EDIT: if @jin_sma 's gona be the secret boss, i cant wait to see his chara includign spikes of evil, evil red eyes and various other tropes.

Awwww I was hoping to face off against jin_sama normally, COS IMMA GONNA BRING THE NOISE AND ASSORTED SHIZ, like ninja style, but the one off boss thing sounds cool XD you have uni after all.

Calm down kids!

Don't be scared, and just join in for fun. That's what this is about.

And hey, if you get a good artist as your opponent, that is awesome because your OC/persona/Avatar/whatever gets drawn epicly! Now who wouldn't want that?

Besides, not only skillz will be judged. Ideas, angles, dorama, those are things that are important too. If we have two characters just standing there staring down each other, but epicly drawn, and another panel with a lot of action and dynamic drawings, but kinda strange anatomy, well, The other panel might win.

I wanted to judge but to be partial I am also going to ask for some irl friends and artists that I know to join me. And @Jin_sama if you become the final boss or judge, then you don't get a chance to win. :(

Just because someone knows how to draw doesn't mean they automatically win. I believe in the heart of art!!! Clean lines, effort, etc definitely shows in a work. And you will have three weeks between each round to draw.

so once again, CALM DOWN KIDS!

I'm just in for shit and giggle <3

Challenge accepted¬

Ok I'm gonna join even though I'll be rockin the truly retro pencil and paper! (Too poor for a tablet) :'D OTL go easy on me. . .

in any case im in. though i wodner who should i draw..
btw should we, while introducing our character, also put rules regardign their skills up, so that both contestants know what is legit to use in their drawings? since we have to draw the enemy as well and it would be ncie knowign what they can do so we can draw that.
@Keri dont worry im the same..

Check out Jin. Striking fear and anguish into the hearts of many. Respect points.

I'm totes in. Uni is over, and I am free for the next three months. Script writing skills, here I come. Yeaaaaaaaahh baby.

Why can't Jin just be a normal participant
There's always bound to be at least one good artist (in this case, Jin and DSP) in these kinds of contests.


Okay, off to learn how to color properly, sob

@Hutch People sometime have nightmares about me, it's quite common really /hairflip/

AND a hairflip. B-E-A-UTIFUL.

@Hutch Across all the nine realms, whenever the name @Jin_sama is mentioned, trees would fall, castles would collapse, people would die and chickens would roast themselves.

Just to make sure, everyone is a normal participant. -stares at @Jin_sama -

You all have a fair chance, and for those who need points you can submit early for extra 10 points, please refer to the first page.

No final bosses. Though we might have a final round or something if there are too many people, where your fighter is drawn against some arch-villain. (Am thinking Momo or Nekoboy XD)

It will be decided after all the entry pages are submitted. ^_^

@Jin_sama good to know, now i finally know how to get some good food in the wilderness without havign to make a fire that may get some bandits on your trail-- just utter "jin_sama" and have a delicious roasted chicken meal. you wanna fight the last boss but dotnwanna go through a castle full of monsters that will wear you down more than the boss himself ever could? mutter "jin_sama". you need soem paper for oyur drawings but you dotn have an axe? mutter "jin_sama".you need to get rid of a sovereign but your all ot of guillotines? utter "jin_sama"! nice trick!

I approve of this! I'm not going to join since I'm kind of part of the administration and it wouldn't be fair if I won. And I'd win. Maybe. :<

Must the drawings be colored in? Any medium yes? Even a simple pencil sketch, Shiro my dear? Sign me up then. Afterall, I'm here for the fun, prizes, etc. meaning EVERYTHING including Shiro's undying lo-/shot

@MyogiWarrior34 sicne a bunch of us does only uncolored drawings, i hope its allowed? i beeign monochrome gives certain battlescene a sense of artistic oldness, after all! and yes, ts also pretty ncie how universal this has become; in th ebeginign just for fun, it has become a nboard of fun, discussion, learning, art, and shiro's pantsu/shots.

@Gargron I don't see why you or Momo can't join, since the judging will mostly be me and external judges.

@Break and @MyogiWarrior34 it's really up to you how you want to draw your characters. You can even use paper mache if you want and make models of clay XD As long as you submit an image on this thread then you should be fine.

@Shirosuke i see. wel, that should be interestign. though it would e alittle unrealistic, concerning the roudns and stuff.. not taht iplanned to do clay models anywass. btu what about the list of skills i mentioend earlier?

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