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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 22
Edit: face view, because it's hard to see from the body shot
User: Bones
Name of Fighter: Xastre (Pronounced Schastre)

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7"
Weight: 130lbs

Attack: GIANT SCISSORS!! With teeth painted(?) onto them.
Defence: Opens the scissors and crouches behind them, which obviously leaves certain areas open :I

Bio: She's not a pirate!! She's pretty snarky though...that's all I got. Her name means 'Tailor' in Galician, in Spain, hence the giant scissors.

Battle Phrase: 'Vou cortar vostede como unha empanada' which Google translates to 'I will cut you like an empanada'. An empanada is a pastry dish which, in some places, is prepared like a pie and then cut into peices and folded.

@Bones yay! i really like girls fightig withgiant scisors, though its unusual for oyur design sicne normally its aweapon gothlolis use, while your hero looks like from a classic fantasy instead which makes it unusual~

Head Reference
Attack Skills
Defense Skills
Default Outfit
Shortshorts and thigh-highs Outfit

@Break Gosh thanks! OCs are meant to be, well, original, so I guess it's a good thing that she's not cliché anime girl :> I actually didn't have a gender in mind when creating her, she just ended up looking more feminine rather than masculine, so that might be a reason for it aswell.
Neeways, best of luck in round 1 dude!

Thank God I drew that picture when I was young. I've been drawing for 12 hours and I still can't get what I want.

Sorry trees and Hatsune Miku!

Darn... I need more practice...

EDIT: Seriously? I thought I was done but really, WTF? I actually drew my OTHER character without me realizing it?

Seriously, I got the clothes, knick-knacks etc. but when I got to the face, I actually drew my other OC's face. Really, me? Really?

Man, I really shouldn't have had stopped drawing for like, 4 months.

@Bones so you didnt decide on her gender yet eh? actually, at first i thoguth it was a guy and thought "ohhh, cool its unusual seeign aguy fighting with a scissor oh its a girl." XD

wow this has taken a long time for people to draw I drew mine in like 5 hours

Well, for 15 hour work, I think this is pretty crappy

Still, I made it... sort of

I had already drawn mine a few weeks ago, then I lost my folder in the Science room yesterday "OTL My sister's class was in there the next morning, and they apparently had stomped and slashed all over it ( ; o ; )/ So I stayed up all night redoing it over ( TuT )

I just absolutely love how that list shrank by half the size.

lol I know right? Good luck everyone:3

wow dsp i really love your fighter <3

@Shirosuke's missed some people out of the list, or hasn't gotten round to updating it.
Those not on the list (hopefully to make it easier for her ><):

@Eterno warrior; Griffin Noiss (Posted a more recent picture at 11pm GMT but still had an image and a description completed before)
@Bones warrior; Xastre
@KAGAMI warrior; December
@DSP warrior; Kara Malovani
@Zetta warrior; Jex
@Usagii warrior; Nikolett Kolsov

@Break, Aaah maybe I should've left her as agendered/androgynous then! I thought that might be needlessly bothersome, like if someone has a distinct way of drawing male and female and then I come along all like NOPE THEY AIN'T GOT NO GENDER HURR.

me so excited to gets groupss :P


@Bones thanks for helping with the list!! I got dizzy lol

@Canon, can you please upload your pic again? it kinda died... Thanks!!

Everyone, Good luck, check first page!!


who do i cheer for

OH I'm fighting two people!?
Seeing @MrTrain is the wildcard, should I just draw @One's OC?

@Bones you're not fighting two people I'm a wildcard.

Whoops sorry, yup, got it.

Good luck to y'all!

@YumiToho yeah I kinda freaked out at that...

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