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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 23

...why the freak outs over akri vs. matt?

Bones and Mr.Train are listed twice.

ho shit I done goofed. brb fixing this D: D: D:

Edit: sorry I just fixed it. Somehow I thought I should have more pairs... XD

I had some names recurring on the list. @MrTrain vs @Bones, and @One you are the wildcard, choose an opponent that you wish to draw then you will be judged against that artist.

Oh so Im not wildcard any more. Im kind of relieved I dont have to choose my opponent, but now Im against @Bones
._. This will be tough.

Also thanks @Elegy for pointing that out to me, saved me a lot of trouble along the line. XD

oh man I'm against akri! yayyyyy



Let's break some legs and a few extra limbs/organs :D

Oh I'm looking foward to this ( o u o )/

So uhh, since I have no clue how to draw the attacks (because I don't know what this typemoon is and I don't want to read the whole wikia of it) I'll just improvise those lovely attack beams thing you've got going there on the second sprite picture you've got there, 'kay?

so I'm sort of confused. are akri and I drawing to seperate battles between our characters or what

@Matt you will draw a picture with your character and Akri's. And Akri will also draw a picture with your characters. Then we will compare the two and the one who wins, wins that round.

oh okay cool

we draw them fighting?

Draw them fighting, draw them staring at each other, draw one standing atop the dead body of another, draw them mid-punch, draw them in the air, draw them underwater, anything you want.

As long as both characters are recognizably present in the pictures, it's fine.

alright got it! this is gonna be kawaii.

also, i re-uploaded my pic. i think it messed up because i was using an image from tumblr, and i changed my username so it must have broken.

Best of luck to all <3

@Momimochi uhhhm but Johann doesnt even have any beam-attacks, he can just transform part of his body into...whatever really, liek a blade or whatever. but uhhhhm sure your free to work as you like..

Yay, it begins! Too bad my scanner is serving prison time so my Rebel T3 will have to do the scanning.

At least I still have my laptop.

EDIT: How am I going to shoot women? Oh, right, aim lower.

What. Then what's the second sprite pic for? D8

@Shirosuke You're welcome. Though I'm surprised nobody else did, I checked it and assumed someone else was going to point it out by the time I got back from shopping. Came back and it hadn't been addressed. :/
Also, is there two spellings for Colosseum? Coliseum looks strange but Google didn't say it's wrong...

Anyway, good luck to all on your pair ups!

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