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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 24

Darn! I'm a wildcard? Can't I just jump in on one of the pairs already fighting and do a 3 way Mexican stand off or something? 3 fighters and one survivor type of thing.

I really do not want to write everyones name and pick it out of a hat.

I know how you feel @One
I know how you feel.

@Inasda I was wondering... what time of attack does your fighter have? The character sheet says he improvises.

And also, best of luck to everyone participating. :)

@One wouldn't it be easier to pick a fighter you wish to draw and fight against rather than a hat draw?

Matt, what page is your submission on?

Mine's on page (shoot lost it one sec....) 13.

Unless you knew that already, or something. D:
I'll get started on this sometime after xmas perhaps.

@Akri You can click on the links Shiro provided. They're on the front page. :D

Oooooh I'm up against @Elegy ? AWESOME I can't wait to have a crack at your character :D also I'll pm you in a bit with more details about her attacks ^^

Also loving the pairings~ @Akri vs @Matt will be funnn~

Also I hope at one point in this contest I get to fight @YumiToho

@Momimochi are you referring to the second half of the spritepic with johann, or to the second sprite pic in total? actually, i just got into the mood of makign these thigns, its supposed to be my warrior's resurrected daughter, i said its okay to include her in the drawing (you have to use the johann samael form if you do so though, not the normal johann, because he only manages to resurrct her after the whole business that makes him johann samael). you can theorethically have her dothe fight, but if oyu do you gotta at least have a doodle or a chibi of johann samael in the background...

@Yoshiya, EH. RUUUUMBLE.

@Everyone Good luck and some interesting pairs . . . personally I'm watching @Elegy and @DSP ' v '

Aaah neat, I actually really wanted to draw @MrTrain's character e u e

Better idea: Draw a whole orgy stand-off with ALL the characters.

I honestly have no idea what I just read so I'll just draw your character with that blade like arm. That good? Good.

When I was the wildcard (For a few hours) I asked @Shirosuke if the one vs all scenario was allow and it wasn't.

@DSP YEAH! SIBLIBG V SIBLING. God I hope that happens. I just want a reason for you to draw my fighter, Niichan.

@Momimochi urrrrm maybe i should put all the stuff i wrote baout my character here and put it down into one post; tat might be a little much to read but at leats itll hopefully get people not to be confused anymore? erm... well youll still have to read it i guess
but yeah, i guess thats fine, dotn worry^^ just dont forget taht you dont need to do thre blade i drew; you can freely choose what you want his arm to look like.

Damn. D8

Since all on one isn't allowed for the wildcard, I still say just pick the fighter you wanna draw/kill the most. It's easier and probably going to be more fun than a random chance out of everyone.

I'm quite excited to see most of the pairs face off, though there's nobody specifically I'm watching. ._.

As a side note:
I almost regret my character's hat. Such a bloody pain to draw at most angles... the other two are a given. stupid humans having stupidly hard to draw hands and weapons

at first I was happy I got akri but DANGIT WHy did you make such a difficult character design sob

I've already drawn a profile shot of @Elegy's character :'D I thought I would suck at drawing hats but it's easier than I thought when you have a good ref! and @YumiToho Even if we don't face each other in battle I'll draw your character sooner or later!

Sorry about that Matt :'D
Idk why either. It'll be hard for me to redraw the whole dam thing.

sorry on my part for not clarifying
crappy h5 min sketch of attakcs lol
you can just make it up
but primary attacks involve kicks and shields if used right
and primary attack is hexagon shaped shields(yes they are only hexagons)

well, good luck to everyone

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