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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 25

@kuraihikari Quick clarification, in the back view her hair seems to be a rattail or a queue, but in the other views it looks more like a ponytail that has been braided. Just wondering which one I should be drawing.

@everyone_else glhf :) Can't wait to get started on my entry

@Momimochi regarding your character's "special attacks", are they more into the kind of "special fightign techniques" or more like "special secret gimmicks inside his hammer"? cuz id really want to draw him surprising my Johann Samael with a feinted attack of his hammer and a transformtion of the hammer into a spear to you know.

@Inasda Alrighty. Thanks. :)

@gallantfox yeah its a ponytail that has been braided, not a tail lol and umm so is there any specific things about rio's clothing I shood know? Or shood I just make something up?

Gimmicks inside that damned hammer. You know how sneaky some runts can be...

@Momimochi thats what i wanted to hear~
hm thinkign about it, a fight between normal johann and your character would be pretty air i guess, btu against the later Johann Samael, your character would be at a disadvantage due to his fear of the dark..

@kuraihikari Make something up. I also suck at costume design, so yeah. If you're really stuck just put on one of the outfits he has in the spec.

thanks @gallantfox uh i feel i mite be asking too much but can you put up a sketch of his profile? cuz i dont hav one and in my panels theres alot of profiles so... yeahh.. if you cant then its fine tho.. ill fiigure it out :P

Hey, sorry if this seems too late to ask, but how long are her, Xastre's boots?

Lol so I'm drawing my pic and I look up tail bone references for my character's tailbone. Then I find out that I drew tailbones wrong. Oh well.

I'll pretend dragon tailbones are really ... thick xD?

btw I'm loving the hair on Charlotte, Matt. :L

awuwu thanks akri!!

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