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CL COLISEUM (R1 Deadline: JAN 8) (Thread) - Page 4

@Break check first page, I uploaded a character page outline so you can follow that and add more info if you want.

Im gonna join even tho im crippeled; Skrillbot 9001
Also this:

The Skrillbot 9001 was a joke... But im in!

@Shirosuke : oaky, thanks ill look at it^^
@Shorono good luck then, and be sure to make the best out of you beeign crippeled and add a cursed and/or robot-arm to your chara!

@Shorono Good luck, sorry can't give you an advantage, just do your best ^_^

sees contest OHHHH. clicks thread
scrolls down and sees Jin competing

I shall now commit seppuku.

But yeah. Sign me up. Doing this for fun. >_<

@Reki this. is adorable. ill comment you to use this for the contest. itl sure be epic to have all the war-like or whatever other chaarcters in yoru battlescenes be drawn inthis style. kidn amakes me consider if i should draw my hero in nendroroid/chibistyle, and have all the enmies in my scenes in taht style as well.. woudl sure be epic.

hmm..... nah, my drawings are crap. will look at other peoples stuffs though :D

@reki Sooooo cuuuuuuuuute.

I can't draw, will be looking forward to this epic battle.

I kinda want to see @Keri vs @Reki XD

I woke up a bit late today, I was gonna throw a petty fit if @Jin_sama wasn't a contestant...I was too late.

I'll fill in the character sheet afterwards.
I have a strategy!
lots of detail in my design to slow down the opponent!

EDIT: oh and in the corner is a random dress design.

I would like to join c: It seems really fun and the competition seems quite fierce, but I'll try my best ;3;

@Jin_Sama I may or may not be stalking your tumblr.

i'm joining XDD PLEASEE
even though i suck at drawing :333 <333333

very well then

IM IN!!!

@Jin_sama holyfuckyouaregood. /jump off bridge

Sign up ends December 1st but the first deadline is the 16th? 16 days... I dunno if I can make that but I'd really quite like to join.
Seems like everyone is dieing over Jin though... this may be tough.

I'd like to join. Though I is probably just as likely to automatically lose by forgetting to post my entries as getting eliminated by another OC. Plus I work slow and has lots of other art homework .__. I'll see what I can do.

@MrTrain That is a low move D:< lol just kidding :P I pity the person who has to work with all those accessories ^^
@Elegy I've seen your stuff, you're pretty good too :D

Good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Awwwh at everyone dieing, however I don't see anyone backing out! Seems you guys are rearing for quite the challenge!!

This will be a fierce competition >:D -cracks fingers-

Thanks Bleached

I hope I filled this out correctly
The template was so small... but I was half done before I considered I could have resized it.
I love his hat but I really hate to draw it orz

Liam is actually technically for another story(hence the clothing being sort of odd and military-ish), but since this contest isn't some long plot line I figured throwing him in wouldn't be to harmful.

Am I the only one that feels pinning the thread will give it less attention?

Or am I the only one who has trained their eyes to subconsciously ignore pinned threads?

I've somehow managed to not notice a stickied thread for a week, I missed out on a lot that time. ._.

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