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Bad day (Thread)

Has anyone crashed a car? Cause today is the first day I did. When I crashed, I didn't feel worried, but I knew my dad would be so pissed. Anyone else got in a crash? And what should I do cause my dads depressed cause of it.

ive been in a couple car crashes with my brother..first, was it your fault?

Hopefully insurance will cover it, though expect your rates to go up later on because of it.

Not yet, but I've broken my finger in a car door once C:

you must have been really mad to have slammed it that hard

Luckily it wasnt a bad crash. I just got the front left of the car scratched and bumped and left back was just scratched off. @ Wolfangle Im sure it was my fault, since I guess I was going too fast around a corner. And I didn't feel much when I crashed the car, I'm the type that doesn't get mad easily. But my dad gets mad a hole lot. So today I'm going over to work out a deal with the guy About the wall and the car. Ironically, he is a car repairman and I was trying to find someone to get a new paint job lolz. ♪( ´▽`)
。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 but my dads still mad at me.

Wait why is this problem spam?!?!??

Parents still give out allowances?

Ya at least, to be honest my dads like a girl. Keeping grudges like forever lol.

hit a deer about a week ago, does that count?

If you get in a car accident it's your fault.

Seeing the title of this thread always brings up this song in my head:


Whereas for me, I get this one (which isn't really a cheery-up one, it's more a "I hate you and hope you have a bad day" video!)

I'm sorry to hear that. :(
I hope you and your father are okay.. :)

I can't drive but my parents always force me to learn. They even told me that I could crash the goddamn thing as much as I want as long as I learn to drive and not hit a pedestrian :|

They say it's because they are paying a lot on the insurance. (weird logic, I know)

It helps that we get a whole bunch of new, shitty cars every couple of years too, I guess.

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