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internet censorship, help stop it (Thread)

turns out it will be global, we will all be fucked not just the US.
sign the petition,

I swore I've seen 3 different threads with this same subject but I might be trippin'.

yeah i made one that was forgotten, then another one came up but we redirected him to my thread and now im making this

lucky 3

... And you couldn't have bumped the other one rather than making a new one?

I honestly don't mind, we're gonna kick ourselves for arguing about whether we bump or create threads after the Internet gets killed...

Honestly, if this thing actually goes through, I'm going back to my motherland after I've finished my 4 years at MIT.

I know Japan and Korea have their own internet but for everyone else, they use the American internet.

In other words, America is screwing everyone BUT Japan and Korea if this goes through.

Everyone, sign the petition!

@SENsei - Take me with you and be my translator. I'll even help you study for the JLPT.

WHY THE FUCK NOT, LET'S ALL GO TOGETHER; WE'LL FORM A GANG: Sen and the Gaijin. I'm good with studying for the JLPT; I can probably get more than 70% in JLPT 1 just going in there raw, but for the sake of figurative-penis size, I'm just reviewing to ensure over 80%.


Guys, honestly. Obama already said he'll veto this if it passes through the senate. Calm the FUCK down.


X -o its not just about America, the world is affected in this Ashkasan
if the USA declines then Canada could take it up, or europe

... This is about America's silly bill, right?

Jesus you guys are stupid. This will never pass, even if it isn't about the US.

Also, holy crap, most countries hate America. They will never follow our ideas!


Problem is that we need to make sure there isn't a 2/3rds majority on this bill either, @ashkachan. The Legislative Branch can overrule the Executive's veto, if they have a 2/3rds majority against him.

Still a valid concern.

@Ashkachan - When people become apathetic and stop paying attention and raising hell... that's when things like this get passed. It's not just about stopping it now, it's about laying the precedent that we're not going tolerate things like this, so that any future legislation similar to this can be more easily defeated.

You're underestimating both the power of lobbyists as well as the stupidity of our politicians.

@Fieyr you take the words out of my head and put them in a civil way x -o you need to teach me this

I give him credit for getting us through a recession with not so bad cosnequences...but the guy's dangerous tot he country, what was our people thinking voting for him :/ but then again Jack Layton died should we have gone liberal?

@Rasche_The_Red To be fair, the Libs were an absolute mess by the time the elections rolled around (and given their past track record, they would probably do some equally stupid crap if they were elected anyways), and NDP were simply not strong enough, going from a 3rd party to running the country is a pretty big jump, especially when they've left a sour taste in the mouths of a number of provinces (Ontario, for one, hooray for Rae days /s).

As it stands, it's not quite an apocalypse scenario since he is somewhat aware of just how many buttons he can press, but I would hope that there won't be a negative effect that lasts for years to come. Then again, this is the same party that brought the stupidity that is NAFTA to being.


i know harpers not a second bush but some of his plans frighten me
I mean i feel safe knowing that most people on the street dont have a gun

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