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@Rasche_The_Red Given how you are from the city of two of the most infamous school shootings in the country, I understand your concerns. However, all it's really done is swarm legitimate gun owners with unnecessary piles of red tape, while those that commit crimes with guns will continue to do so with illegally obtained weapons anyways.

edit:there were two incidents of school shootings, though the more recent one involved an illegally obtained weapon.

The question is can the government really beat all the children of the internet?

I'm not so sure they hate America itself seeing as people seem to be clamoring to get over and snag up all the jobs. If anything they hate the spoiled, ungrateful, douchebag Americans themselves.

@Ashkachan: Checks and balances

That's all I wanted to input into the Obama thing; Acostoss covered a portion of it, but I wanted to get the name of the category it falls under to clear up your misunderstanding.

back in my country there's an saying which mean roughly : the gov is like the boat and the people is the sea. The sea can either guide and help the boat float.. or just eat it in it anger storm.

I don't think this will go thru, by any chance. Too many people against it, it's not gonna work. Even if it did, there will be fucking riots all over the place, it'll get revert back in the matter of days. I mean look at the riot in london and all over UK, the students, and only a small portion of the student bodies was affected by the changes, there was still massive riot. They wouldn't dare to do something that affect ALL the people in the world. nay chance.

weither or not it will go through we still have to send the message to the corporation to stop its greed, this is bullying at this point, they have enough tools to "censor" what actually violates the copyright laws
this is abuse of power

I like piracy.

you remind me of my sister...

/// if @Ashkachan if correct than that 1 good thing Obama has done!///

I doubt this bill will pass through. If it does then the world will be in chaos, everyone would be rebelling against the law and causing trouble, since Internet is basically part of their everyday lives.

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