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Cards from Shiromama! (Thread)

Hello Hello all my children and children-to-be!!

I am sending out personally made christmas cards.

AAAAND LIST IS CLOSED!! Thanks for your addresses, I will be sending the cards out during this week and next so hopefully they arrive before the 25th of December.

Though I am sure the post will be hectic... but let's hope for the best??

Love you all <3 Even if you didn't get a card <3

Creates 20 accounts...

Lol but seriously, this is very nice Shiro. +1 for you.

Shiro-nee, Shiro-nee, does your imouto qualifies for a card??

Of course you do Akiraaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

@Fieyr may I send you one? You are kinda awesome <3

A lovely idea~ I was about to ask the same thing of a couple, handpicked users that I like.

Writing to say I've pm'd.

You are the best Shiromama in the world and the only one <3

id like one x uo

Best. Idea. Ever

I would love a card.

@Shirosuke - Pfffft no YOU'RE AWESOME.

But yes, I would be honored ^_^

I want one :o

To all those who want cards, please PM your addresses. if you are under 18, please ask permission from your parents first.

Thank you <3

PM'd. But I have a feeling I'm late.

@Momimochi nope, still room for you <3


wouldn't it be better just to send them out to friends
not people who asked?

it's sweeter if someone gets a card from you when they aren't expecting it, in my opinion. but the whole idea is just really cute and nice all around so you don't really need to listen to me.

@Canon how can they receive something as a surprise when I don't even know their addresses? Plus, a lot of people here do not wish to give their addresses to complete strangers even if we do talk online a lot(and this is good judgement and I don't blame them), so this gives those people who don't think I am close enough to get an address some leeway to not give me their address and keep my fragile ego intact at the same time. (Can't handle rejection well...orz)

Also this allows me to do something nice for the new members and make them feel a little more welcome amidst all the bullying/gang-banging/faggotry going on. Yeah it's sweeter to surprise people, but imagine getting a card suddenly when you never gave permission for things to be sent in the first place!! Especially if I have to use spies/hacking to get addresses! Now that would just be creepy and not sweet at all...


no NSFW one though please

I WANT ONE <33333333333333333333333

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