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Cards from Shiromama! (Thread) - Page 3

I can also now attest to the beautiful handwriting of Shiro ^_^

Finally, something to begin my shrine! /LooksForCandles

Lol but really, thanks Shiro, I love it xD

lol he just looked at the return address


@someone I see I see XD Though I remember my chinese handwriting is wonky XD

Maryam and T_O_O recieved their cards!

噢买尬。。。 白妈妈,您太爽了。

Got mine.
<3 Thank you.

Yes. Thank you very much Shiro. I enjoy it very much :>

What where the hell is mine

just got mine, shiro <3 where mah nekkid pics at!?


Mommy is so best ♥


@Yotsuba . . . I'll get Celty pics next May, you can have those? XD

I have mine now!! It's so fantastic, I loves it shiro ;-; I SAY MINE IS THE BEST. It's just so nice.. Ahhhh.

AWWWWWWWWW -huggles son- I think I sent you the red snowflake?? -can't remember anymore-

Am so glad that many reached their destinationsssssss <3 <3 <3 before Christmas <3 <3

Yeah, it was the red snowflake~ So awesome~

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