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Pair-up #2! (oops, results posted!) (Thread)

Due to several requests, here's another pair-up thread.
Rules are same as before READ RULES PLZ

IMPORTANT: Signup starts now and ends on Dec. 10th.

An extra rule you should pay attention to if you've participated in the last one:
If you haven't finished your drawing from the first pair-up, you can not participate in the second one. If you have but just don't want to show it in the threadwhy the fuck not jk then you are free to PM it to your partner. Remember to post in the thread/PM me if you have finished. Thank you! <3

Also another reminder for those from the last pair-up:
YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST EXCHANGED YOUR PHOTOS OR WHATEVER DESCRIPTION OR SHIT BY NOW. IF NOT, DO SO NOW. When I say no rush, I meant it towards the pace in your preparation of the drawing. I apologize sincerely for not making this clear. I realize that there are some who are idle on CL, but if you signed up in the thread, it is your responsibility to check in and communicate with your partner. If your partner is not replying from the verylongtimeago that you messaged him/her, then shame on this user, and you can message me if you'd like to enter this competition.

Possible Questions!

(Feel free to add on.)

Q: What if My partner from first competition sends me the picture late, like on Nov. 30th, to Dec. 10th and I want to enter the 2nd one?

I will let you enter the second one. Just PM me about this asap. The stated above will be the cut off date, no exceptions made.

Q: I'm in Shiromama's contest/I'm busy with other activities.

That is completely fine! Once again, take your time on the drawing but not on sending your picture. That should happen in at least 2 weeks, if not 1.
I will not put a time limit on any of you for the art, but unless you're actually going to put in the time, energy, willpower, and best intent, don't take like a year on this. Seriously.

Q: How do I sign up?

Post in the thread with a clear message.


  1. This is not srsbzns. This is purely for fun and receiving loving fanart.
  2. Reminder that you have to be comfortable with sharing a picture of yourself. And it is a given that when you receive someone's picture, you may not distribute it without permission of the user.
  3. Once I pair you up, don't complain with the one you are with. If you are paired up with the same user as before, I will start all over on the random pairing.
  4. I am not going to make a 3rd one. Even if you bitch, threaten, bribe/dance, or make a 54385904 people petition on it. However, if you'd like to make a 3rd one after this one feel free to do so.
  5. No registration user limit this time. Just join, and if there's an uneven number by the due date, I'll take my own name out.


So let's get this started.

List of Users in This

(A star means you didn't finish the first one)
1. Inasda
2. Maryam
3. Momimochi
4. sullyangel
5. Hutch Hutchenson
6. Claire-chan
7. kuraihikari
8. Shirosuke
9. Yoshiya
10. zatsunen
11. pontakun
12. kosukechan

Sorry I forgot about this xD.

Here are your random pairings!

@pontakun & @kosukechan
@Maryam & @Shirosuke
@Inasda & @Yoshiya
@Momimochi & @Hutch Hutchenson
@zatsunen & @Claire-chan
@kuraihikari & @sullyangel

Signing up



"waves hand" ME ME PICK ME!!! <3

So I just post "I wanna do ett!" like that and zing?

I wanna join again this time!! X3


@Hutch Hutchenson, added.

@Maryam, did you finish the first one?

Oh I finished my first one! I get to go again right? RIGHT? -signs up-

Yes. I just PMed it to him. :/ Also. I can't join this one. Drawing pure was kind of a challenge. I don't have tablet or a scanner OR TALENT. Yes I can go around this but... Imagine drawing him line by line on MS Paint with a mouse, Ponce. It's hell. I would join this time if I got a patient partner. I do want to join. I'm afraid of how it'll turn out. It doesn't come out on camera very well. I do look forward to drawing though. Hell, just put me in.

2 days left for sign-up!
(At least one more person so that I can participate ;_;)

Is it okay if I'm really bad at drawing.. like realistically? The closest thing that will resemble the person will probably be the hair... OTL



When are we supposed to do this...


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