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Sugar with your tea (Thread)

I know there's people out there who don't drink tea with any sugar or other additive, but this is for those who do.
My question being: Why?

Personally it's less for the sweetness that I add sugar, I add it because it lets me taste the actual flavor of the tea more. I've gotten better about this, but I used to just think plain tea was under flavored.

My first case of drinking tea was my sister giving me Vanilla Rooibos tea with vanilla soy milk and a pretty large spoon of sugar. With a godlike combination such as that it was odd when I later tried plain brewed tea without any additive, the taste was so minimal I thought I did it wrong.

And for those who don't add sugar, honey, milk or other things to your tea, here's just something I'm also interested in (though feel free to answer both if you answered above as well):
How do you brew your tea?

I didn't know anything at first so I just left my tea to soak for as long as there was water in the cup, increasing in bitterness and giving me a need to add sugar for more than bringing out flavor. Since then I've learned and perfected my own way of making tea.

Maybe this should be in the Tea Thread
I prefer without myself (although at one time I had 5, but managed to whittle myself down)

I'm also quite fond of tea with honey. I brew differently depending on what I feel like.

I considered asking in there but I wasn't sure if it should be it's own thread or not, since it's rather specific.

How much water did you have when you used to add 5 spoons? How much that is really depends on how concentrated it is.

About 3/4 water, brewed for 3 mins, then add milk up to the top.

I don't want diabetes

It depends on the tea. There's this one my sister sometimes makes, and if you add cream and sugar it tastes like sugar cookies. But some teas I don't add sugar to. It's mainly for the flavor, not the sweetness.

I prefer mine with the sugar but it depends on the tea. Not all teas need the sweetness that sugar offers. I still like to add a little bit of the stuff though.

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