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Should Lord of Bacon buy the Thinkpad?


ok. I had a IBM thinkpad for about 8 years. it lasted for a long time, didnt derp on me like fucking DELL. THINKPAD was there.

lol so didnt know until a few days ago that lenovo took over thinkpad since i think 2005. yeah, im not the most up to date

as a big fan of thinkpad, after watching a youtube vidya of the new x1 thinkpad, the thinnest, waterproof, gorillaglass protection, most winningest laptop ever, I WANT IT SO BAD (thats wut she sa-, never mind -__-)........

tr;dl...for picturefags

so, im a poorfag. i think i have only 900 dollars saved up in total my whole 18 years of living. Thankfully, lenovo has graced me by dropping the price of the x1 from 2400 to 1299 to 935ish dollars.


Some winningest videos of the Thinkpad x1
dropping the x1 from the ceiling:

a fucking drainage system on every thinkpad:


gorilla glass awesomeness:

summary of the dream machine:

this laptop is for college btw. am i being to expensive or should i buy this to relieve myself of want?
SO basically, this bacon is lusting for the X1 Thinkpad. Wut do????
y/n? also if you are so kind, state reasons to persuade this bacon.
need advice pls. thx much CL

Looks pretty good, though the HD size seems a bit small for its price, though that's what newegg's for, as well as INTEL INTEGRATED GRAPHICS, so pretty much no chance of gaming on it.

Well, Pig, if you get this will you be incapable of doing anything financially that you absolutely have to do?

For purchases, here are some links that might prove helpful in your decision:

well. this is out of my own pocket but my parents will do all the college financing b/c 900 isn't much on college anyway.

it sounds bad but im dependant on my parents for financial support in college next year. umm, so i'll feel guilty but ill eat cheap-ass food that lasts $5 the whole day and ill keep a 3.8-4.0 GPA for them. mmm

lol ill pay back my parents by being successful...i hope XD

Obviously, this is all IMO:

You're being too expensive; get a cheaper laptop with functions that you'll actually find more use in. Most of this laptop's cost goes into its fancy gorilla glass and shit, but I have to point out something obvious, many don't use laptops that can withstand being run over by a tank, yet they fair just fine. You're being a bit too paranoid on the durability, especially when what you'll be using the laptop for doesn't amount to anything close to $1,000.

Are you really going to need that fucking finger print scanner? And: "Optical Not Included," I know that's subjective; I, personally, don't use my optical drive for much anymore, most of the time I just mount a disc image onto a virtual drive these days, unless you're planning to take this thing down under when you go scuba diving, an option as inexpensive as a disc drive will probably get you much further than the laptop being waterproof. There are a lot of people that are careful with their laptops, accidents, I'd like to think, don't happen most of the time, safe proofing this thing so unnecessary, unless you're planning to drop it from the Sears (I still refuse to call it Willis) Tower for shits and giggles.

tl;dr: I think you're spending way too much fucking money, buy a $400 or so laptop that will surely have more practical functions, get a WARRANTY on it so that you can RMA it if something happens, and it will STILL be much less than buying a paper thin laptop with gorilla glass. Save the remaining money for better uses in the future, like food or strip clubs.

well, i dont play games anymoar. it will probably run the games i used to play: battlefront 2 pretty much...
I just want it so bad.... idk if its just a phase or it is really what i want but i definitely want it now...

Prioritize your shit; I'd like to spend a shit load of money on new computers too, but I know where the line is. Do you think I like saving my money on tuition rather than buying a shitload K-ON! merchandise? Hell no I don't, but it has to be done. I promise you this will be a case of buyer's remorse for you down the line when you realize your friend who's using the $500 laptop is getting more optimum performance than you and your gorilla glass. But hey, at least you can throw rocks yours! YEAH, THAT WILL SURELY MAKE PEOPLE JEALOUS BECAUSE IT'S NORMAL TO THROW ROCKS AT YOUR MONITOR.

hmmm so SENsei, would a thinkpad x120 be better? $369.00

lol im so vain XD its just that i NEED dat gorilla glass because,yes, im paranoid.
i cracked my IBM thinkpad screen; now its a makeshift desktop.

being as paranoid as i am, i dont usually break things this expensive... but when i do, i'll kick myself and have a guilt trip.

buying the x120 IS the better deal i guess....
-it has the waterproof thing
-option of gorilla glass (i think)
-durable like all think pads

the functions i need are:
1. to work with college
2. don't die on me like DELL shit

x1 lol im so vain...

Pig, my 2009 HP desktop can run most games except ones that are too old or really high end and taxing. And it was $700, but built for medium performance. $900 is definitely too much if you're getting something mostly for the practical functions and college work. If you want something for practical work, go for a lower end model, or one of a cheaper yet still reliable brand.

Trust me on this. I only got the computer I did now because I had cash to spare over two years ago and I NEEDED a computer, and it's lasted me for these years to hell and back without any malfunctions, component replacement or upgrade, and even after several clean OS installs, a few restores, and a monitor problem that's apparently common with HP monitors, it's still functioning amazingly.

The point is, you should get a laptop of a reliable and cheap brand, moreso because you want it for practicality and modern use rather than pure performance, so don't aim your goals too high if the reasons for getting it aren't.

Depends what you want. Acer isn't a bad manufacturer either, if you're willing to consider it, I'd look into this laptop:

It's cheaper and has better practical specs overall (COMES WITH AN OPTICAL DRIVE). Capable of Optimus, with the discrete graphics being the 520M, which is perfect for your casual/low gaming needs.

Would this be ok?

also, ummmmmm.... wuts an optical drive? XD im so technology-ignorant

Optical drive is a fancy way of saying disc reader, you know, what you put CDs/DVDs into.

all i really want is something that functions and has reliability and toughness. also, a pen tablet is a definite plus but its cheaper to buy separately from bamboo or intos4 for note taking/graph making on the computer for quick sketches.

Then yeah, the $359 Lenovo because you won't notice a large jump in performance from that $409 one with the light load work you'll be doing.

Y'know $935 isn't that bad...

$179.99 for a laptop that cost 999.99 before...

should i buy it?

thx to SENsei, i decided against buying the x1 b/c its only built on mechanical advantages. im thinking of x220 and t420.

again, thx SENsei for persuading me not to waste 1k to buy this XD

Wait, you dropped your processor from a 2nd gen i3 to a shitty AMD E-series? I BE MUCHO DISSAPOINT. COMPUTERS ARE SOMETHING YOU SHOULD NEVER BE CHEAPO OVER!

HE'S NOT EVEN GOING TO USE IT FOR MUCH. He just plans on writing up some documents and opening up PDF files. Buying a computer with just enough for what he needs is the right choice given his current situation. That said, I am an intel fag, but that's me being nit picky because I have the option, bottom line is that the AMD E series of processors should be fine. If I was just going to use Word to write stories about my raping of underage girls and do Excel spreadsheets organizing each crime, I wouldn't buy a laptop with an i7-960 and a GTX 580M. Buy this cheapo laptop for a less than budget price, save up your money since you don't know how your financial situation is completely headed right now with your university prep. After you've situated yourself and think you can use the money you've saved after buying this cheap Lenovo and you decide that you want to be a gamer or do some hardcore video editing, then put together a badass build with an i7-2600k (or if Ivy is out by then) and a GTX 580 (or 560 ti on SLI), and come join me for some fucking BF3 on ultra.

That said, if you can find another laptop with an i3 around that price or without too much of a noticeable price deviation to you, then yeah, I'd recommend buying it based on other specs. If you can't, just go with the AMD and don't question yourself.

lol BF3? i read that as (starwars) battlefront 3... how sad XD

also with a bit of researching, i found that x1 was shit.
so im looking at the T series
benefits here:

really looking at the t420. t420s is is overpriced in that it is more portable

top 3 (and only 3 candidates): t420, t520, and maybe.. x220 (23 hour battery yo)
both $849.00 great business laptops. (i found out i had to share or do my family's business financial sheets cause...yeah i have to)
*these are all starting prices.

oh! also, instead of being an asshole by asking my parents to buy the laptop, I'll contribute my poorfag self with at least 500-600 dollars worth to pay this off.
I'll probably feel bad later and pay them the remaining money back once i get a job. XD

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