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Indexed IRL Thread ( v3.1) *UPDATED* 11-25-11 (Thread)


Alright I've finally done it. The IRL Picture Thread is indexed!

I need help double checking things... so please check out your pictures and tell me if everything looks good. Release notes and credits below.


Recent Updates:

Added gravatars

I'm still tweaking it a little though.

Feature Requests:

None yet...

For those interested... I also indexed the art thread...


-Added Gravatars

-Updated to include page numbers

-Removed broken links resulting from the removal of the colorless image repository.

-Users in alphabetical order.
-Names are a link to the user's profile.
-No more duplicate pics.
-Pictures appear in chronological order for each user based on the date they were added.

-print out all pictures in the IRL thread in the order they were posted

And yes the program is called IMMASTALKU. All credit to @DSP for coming up with the name. And credit to me I guess for writing the program lol.


Feel free to post. I think I've reserved enough.

I camwhore too much.

fieyr is made of winningest material

@someone lol no way
At first place we have @MissCookie with 39 photos
Second place is @Yuuri_chan with 34 photos
Thrid place is me, @jin_sama , 32 photos

..... Shit, yo. That is a lot of pictures.

Yeah, but they're all oldfags, I haven't even been here for half the time they have .___.

I've noticed that a lot of images were uploaded to our colorless image repository which no longer exists and therefore the links are broken. I'll release an update soon to delete those links across all users.

NAGATO'S PICTURE..... Memories, memories. /Sigh

@MissCookie :235 users joined/photo
@Yuuri_chan :441 users joined/photo
@jin_sama: 469 users joined/photo

@me:194 users users joined/photo

of course, not a very concrete way of measuring, but still.


The formula: (22438 [current number of users]- User number)/(# of photos posted)

oh my god dude that must have taken forever
this will be useful if I ever want to know what someone looks like which will actually probably be never

@Matt - Took me about a day to write the program. Not too bad :)

..... Uhh.... How do you find the user number again? /shot


On the page source:

Okay. I feel like as if I wasted a lot of time on here now. .__.

I can now stalk people more efficiently.

@someone whoa I didn't know you could do that
now there is still proof I am number 27

Woah.. O_O

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