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Indexed IRL Thread ( v3.1) *UPDATED* 11-25-11 (Thread) - Page 4

@acostoss LOL good.

Yeah I couldn't tell from your last post whether I was detecting a hint of sarcasm or not. It kind of came off that way... I didn't want to step on any toes (or whatever the right idiom is) But it looks like we're on the same page.

As far as the images... one of the nice things about .net is that you can in fact stream an image to an image object... but it has to finish before you can access the properties of that image file. Then you can just release the image object. You don't have to worry about saving it to a physical location on you harddrive or deleting it later.

As far as web standards... I'm very new to web programming. Almost everything I've ever done is desktop based applications/web based .net with asp/html code auto generated by pre-built controls. I only started a little bit of web programming at my latest job.

With that said, I'm trying to learn everything I can! Can you give me an example of how it should be formatted? I bet you just loved that inline css lol but I didn't see another easy way to do it. And yeah, I can do markdown or whatever. If you can give me the syntax, I'll plug it in. I'll do some research myself as well though... and try to figure it out.

@Maryam - If I ever become ridiculously rich, you'll never want for anything :)

Please remove the links to my pictures.

@Hutch Hutchenson, I hope you get hit by a truck and die.


No lie... this one was difficult. Hence the number of exclamation marks...

You now can see exactly where each picture is posted in the original thread!

How the fuck did you do this if I may ask?
No I have not read anything in this thread, you may call me a shit fuck for asking.

Nono I'm glad to answer questions :)

Well I wrote a program to do it using

Basically, I get the page's source code for each page. You'll notice that the offset in the url increments by 20 each time when you go to the next page. Therefore... I loop through each page (incrementing by 20), grabbing the source, until the thread runs out of pages.

Then... I scan through each post for images and then create and assign them to the user that posted them. Then if I encounter pictures from that same user in later pages of the thread... I add those pictures to the pre-existing user.

Once I have everything stored.... I spit it all out to a text file as html code.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Well that depends on what level of sense it should make. It sounds legit, but I don't understand a thing about it. At least not completely. But I'm not a programmer, so I'll blame it on that :P

Seems like you've done a pretty good job though. Well done :D

@Admin Oh shit, you looks like such a NICE GUY holy fawk. That's not how I had pictured you xD


-Added Gravatars

Also, does anyone have any suggestions?

hmm unicode seems to be having issues, might wanna get that checked.

im guessing some ppl arent on the list cause the picture wont show anymore

@someone - Yep I noticed that. I gotta read up on encoding.. not very familiar with that. Luckily the links still seem to be working.

@Wolfangle - Correct... I do a little bit of checking for broken links. The user must have at least 1 valid picture in order to be included in the list. There are still some broken links... I'm working on improving my detection of them though.


@someone - Fixed the encoding issue.

Bumping this thread because I just so happen to be stalking.

Thanks Momi. I'll regenerate the list sometime this week.

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