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What do you want for Christmas????!!! (Thread)

Alright it's that time of the year! Thanksgiving is next week (an this month is going by fast) nom nom nom on turkey, I know everybody are eaters so that'll go by quick..but of course after that it's BAM! What do you want for Christmas? Nothing? Money? A new car? A new phone? Video games? What do desire to have this xmas???!!! Tell me!!!! Lol. Please and thank you! I'm still kinda making my xmas list so I can't tell you yet what I want :P
I'm Homo for x1. srsly... i want it so bad....

I want a camera. The crappy one I have now is out dated and slow. I need a new one so I can post my pictures to Facebook again. That's all I want this Christmas.

I want some manga book and some anime dvd

I want a $50 PS Store card (to get Corpse Party and Fate Unlimited Codes) and the LE Fate/Extra. Main problem is I'm not in America and that I don't have a PSP.
adds PSP to list

So far I've decided to buy myself Vol.7 of Type Moon Ace and Nanoha Gears of Destiny
Both should have been pre-ordered. So I just need to get the money ready~

Turns out my friend never ordered Ace despite me telling him to.

I want a nikon D3100 and a new violin. A new transverse flute would be good too.


what i would want is a 5000 yen PSN card for tales of xillias chrsitmas costumes,To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Memory Stick, my usb ports to my computer fixed and a new keyboard, and vol 1-6 of light novels of Kieli

@PigBoss nice X3
@AlphaHikari_1A14 cool! now thats making memories right there XD
@toonami ok I would like to say i <3 you cause your name is "toonami", i miss Toonami on Cartoonnetwork T^T An that's the best gift in the world to any manga/anime lover! I give you 10stars my friend! :D
@ImagineBreaker (im in America and I have a PSP (the old version)) I hope everything works out and you get what you want for xmas! XD
@gyl that's a nice camera, n what kind of violin? and that's a beautiful flute X3
@Maryam lol XD
@animeftw wow! you got a list! Awesomz! X3

I want a tsun loli maido, mad art skillz, yo, and a tablet.

And a tsun loli maido.

I kind of want a graphics card, though the models I want are realistically a bit too expensive for a christmas gift. >_>

Right now, I have one that I've borrowed from the universities institute for computer graphics, to do my thesis. It is fantastic. I kind of don't want to return it, but when I am done with the thesis, I will have to.

I want a manequin so I could finally have my kimono and obi being used instead of getting dust. I have a wig too that I can put on the manequin if I get one.

I also want some plushies to add to my stuffed animals, so I can add color to my blank room. Yet I have no where to put them...unless I have to do something... drastic...(jk)

@The_Original_Original koolz X3

Any violin better than my old. It's kinda hard to tune and the wood is creaky. I'm planning to take lessons again this december.
Yup. I usually use the flute to compose melodies

@halcy how high-techy lol X3
@Anemone1 kool! my room is blank also, I've been trying to cover up my white wall with things x3
@gyl that's pretty kool! an good luck witth your lessons :)

@Aru-chan: What's the point that you are making??

@Aru-chan uh...hi? ^.^; (AN IM NOT AN IDIOT! >:[)

@lazymusician10 thanks! Fortunately Extra and the PSN card are $90 and I have $100 which I'll probably give to my parents to use there.
A PSP is a harder task since although they're available they're more affordable if used, which my brother's against. Once I get enough money I'll probably go for it anyway~

@animeftw figured you'd mention the Railgun card~
I need to find those volumes of Kieli thanks for reminding me!

I tried to make my list more of a prioritised one. There's tones of stuff I want after all :3

@ImagineBreaker nice and you can do it! XD

@lazymusician10 we'll see.

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