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What do you want for Christmas????!!! (Thread) - Page 3

-A girlfriend
-A PS3
-A working laptop (pref. Alienware)
-An Xbox360 (new model)w/ 12mo.Live Gold
-A cellphone (either Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, HTC Evo Shift 4G or iPhone)
-MarioKart7 for Nintendo 3DS
-Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS
-iPod touch 4th Gen 64GB model (black)
-T-Pain's new album rEVOLVEr
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Collectors Edition [Wii]
-Kirby's Return to Dreamland [Wii]
-A CL app for iOS devices
-Tokyoflash Kisai Seven watch
-A new house (i live in an apartment, I want my own damned room, I share one bedroom with mom and lil bro, Bunk bed for us and kingsize for her <_<)
-A cat
-A facebook account
-World peace
-For all terrorists to GTFO
-To have the ability to see the world as one big anime.

Oh yeah, and @Pontakun 's pussy.

I want this:

More video games.

i want... an alien abduction insurance license... like napoleon dynamite... if you don't get it, i don't give a damn.

  • A pair of Headphones
  • Earphones for the go
  • Clothes
  • Mittens
  • ITunes card
  • PSP (with Black Rock Shooter; The game, when it comes out in the U.S.)
  • Hand lotion
  • Chapstick

Yep, that's about it.

i know i wont be doing anything on christmas..nor will get get anything..
meh, idk what i want..
so this post is pointless

For Christmas, I feel I wish to have a good night with family, while playing dragon ball Z and fighting games. Possibly watching my cousins play Assassins Creed Revelation in envy. I don't mind having it, as i borrow that shit every other week lol.

a boyfriend and maybe:

supercell redjuice's computer and gadgets :3

@Wolfangle then why pother posting it?

I miraculously decided to buy a PSP and even got my aunt's consent! In addition to that yesterday I bought Corpse Party from the UK PS Store which turned out to be cheaper than if I got it from the US store. I also Dled an ISO for Codes since I was getting impatient.
My friend managed to order Ace Vol.7 after all and Nanoha GoD will be out next week.

So now the only things from my previous list are:
Fate/Extra Limited Edition
A $20 PSN card to buy Codes

So yeah it's going pretty well, maybe it's BECAUSE I wrote it here that my plans have gone well so far. I'm gonna test my luck and ask my cousin in America to go buy the rest next week, sadly getting the GameStop exclusive content is out of the question since it only applied to preorders.

So long as I can get it I'll be happy in the end :3

I would like a piano or a synthesizer for Christmas since I would love to be able to play an instrument ;u.

Either that, or:
This album please.

Loads of money.

I want... cookies
3DS with cookies
Games with cookies
Cookies on cookies
and Cookie form boot to the head

merry chrismas everyone(^_^)

It's the 23rd -___-

A body pillow would be nice. Shota ones would be nicer.

^Screw that

If Shounen T did a cover of Mistletoe, it would most definentely make my Christmas :3

@someone what i meant to say was i hope every one has a merry xmas

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