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I have a computer addiction..can you guys help me?! (Thread)

Okay I've always been glued to the computer...for online games and social networks when I got my 1st computer...then my mom's bf showed me how to find answers on the internet when I was younger for homework (I was really young when he showed me how to find the answers; I was smart then (I still am but just lazier now)) I got hooked on it! When I couldn't find the answers in the book or I was to tired to do the work I would just turn it on, google it, then copy. I also isolate myself from everyone like always....I don't interact with people in my house unless were going somewhere, they have something for me, etc. But if anyone asks where am I, it's "you know where she is, glued to that computer stuck in her room as always never coming out". An my annoyance level went up, so when ever anyone bugs me when I'm on the computer to do something or to come here I have like the worst attitude with that person. I try not to but I just get annoyed really easily. Plus I'm already wearing bifocals, my vision has been terrible since 1st grade and getting worse....I want to think of a way to not be in front of my computer so much so my vision wont get worse then I may end up not be able to see at all!!!! So v=can you guys give me some tips or something for me to do to solve my addiction!!! Please and thanks :D

For me I started taking it upon myself to organize get togethers with friends. Granted you can't do it every day, but once a week is usually doable.

Exercise is also good. Let's you get out of the house, de-stress, etc. Even better if you can find someone to exercise with.

Other options:

-Volunteer in your community(pick up trash, big brother/big sister programs)
-Get a job(you'll find there's all sort of things that you didn't know you wanted to do until you have the money to actually do them)

The trick, I think, is not to just stop using the computer cold turkey, but rather develop additional interests so that they start to become just as important as computer time. Slowly your life will begin to fall into balance.

I'll post more ideas as I think of them.

@Fieyr thanks pal! I'm trying to get back to playing my violin and make some videos for youtube, I haven'tmade any since the summer...but been so distracted lately with this computer addiction of mines, school work, soccer, and home crap! I kinda need a break from it all -.-

I finally found someone that's like me...This is superb.
@lazymusician10: I'm hoping that we can get over our addiction to computers.

You can reduce it, if you want to. You can even stop using computers entirely, if you want to. There's nothing about you that you can't change, unless you don't want to.

Do you want to?

Yes -> What are you waiting for?
No -> Then deal with it.

Btw, there is no excuse.

@TokoyamiSenshi is right.

You have to WANT to change. The only person stopping you, is yourself. Nothing will change unless YOU decide to change it.

I'd also like to add in that you aren't actively trying to stop this "addiction" by asking for help in an internet website totally unrelated to the subject. If it was on somewhere that dealt with the subject matter, or offline, that'd be fine, but to combat it, you need to know where to look.

Also, I agree wholeheartedly with @Fieyr and @TokoyamiSensei

A bigger problem is how the girl in the picture you put is drawing herself sleeping, while asleep...

I go outside and play soccer for a few hours by myself. I don't play alone because I want to either, I just don't have anyone close to my age on my block to play with. It helps me not be on the computer for a little while though.

ah... an computer issue... well tell you the truth my sister's friend's brother was also a computer addict... 0.0"" actually until now he still haven't change that habit...but well what i think is "Computer isn't everything" and if you really want to change this habit of yours start putting your mind and soul to it :) because no one can change you but yourself.... if you really REALLY wish to stop then set curfew or alarm clock and follow it strickly :)

hope it help... i never handle computer addict before... so i don't know... ToT

Oh Yes. Much bigger problem. Is it infinite? Is she drawing herself, drawing herself,drawing herself,drawing herself, etc?!

Hi Lazymusician10. I'm also a musician. I play the violin, viola, cello and flute.
Sometimes like you (and everyone else) I also get tired and unmotivated. btw. did you start playing the violin because you were forced? If not, then who made you play the violin? If yes, then what did it take to keep yourself playing?
Yourself. No matter what anyone says, you will always be the one to make your decision.
Anyway, here's some tips:

  1. I was smart then (I still am but just lazier now). Being lazy is not the point. If you are smart, then you are smart. Always remember that you should use your analytic mind when you makes decisions. Ask yourself "If I do this, what would the outcome in the future be? How will it affect me? Should I do this now? If I do it later, would I lose something? etc...."

  2. When I couldn't find the answers in the book or I was to tired to do the work I would just..... Relying on the internet isn't a bad thing. As long as it isn't too much. Learn how to analyze your answers and understand them completely before you write it down.

  3. Plus I'm already wearing bifocals, my vision has been terrible since. I read an article before about how to avoid straining/hurting your eyes during computer use. A break every 15 minutes is a good idea. Some scientists say that looking at natural green colors can help your eyes relax. If you can, try staring at a plant for a minute during your break. For more tips, read this

  4. ...annoyance level went up, so whenever anyone bugs me when... Happens to me all the time. What I usually do is keep silent until my mind is clear. some experts say that EMR (electromagnetic radiation) caused by a computer can alter your brainwaves by changing it from Beta to Alpha. Alpha waves are somewhere between 8 to 12 hz. Usually associated to meditation. While it makes your brains relax, low frequencies often prevents you from thinking straight. So that's another reason to do the "once every 15 or 30 minute break." you can read more about it here and here

And to conclude my advice: it's not really bad to depend on technology as long as you know your limits by thinking and analyzing things.

Hoped it helped.

@The_Original_Original. Nobody's making you read. Anyway, nice practical obvious advice. That helped a lot.


The only way to stop being addicted:

Get a life


@Anemone1 me to! X3
@TokyoamiSenshi uh..k..thnx ^.^; lol ur rite :D
@Kuru uh..i kinda just chose that picture at random
@AlphaHikari_1A14 i do need more outside time :3
@ryouko_kyoya no you were helpful..i do need to time n=myself of how long im on my computer :)
@Maryam really >.>
@gyl to answer your questions: no I wasn't forced, I chose to play cause I wanted to do something new and plus it caught my interest, and hm..what kept me playing..well now I'm trying to get back to playing my violin (made a lot of videos in the summer cause I have free time) now with school, soccer, and things at home/with family it's kinda hard. Plus through it all I do get tired and have the tendinsy to just relax on the weekend or spend time with family. Really if I hear a song and like it so much to wanna play i'll go for it! The thing is if I sound good to me that's all that matters, then it goes on youtube and i get to here what others have to say..or they don't comment at all but just like. I I like the way I sound I keep at it, if not I keep at it til I think I sound right! XD
An thanks for the advice :)
@The_Original_Original no offense (since I'm a nice person) I DO HAVE A LIFE! WHAT ABOUT YOU?! >:[

Lay off. You asked for advice. @The_Original_Original gave his. End of story. You dont have to listen to it. You shouldn't have retaliated like that.

@gyl Nah dude. I only read yours. I skipped everyone else.

@lazymusician10 I haz lifu. I haz lifu as teh duragunborne. Duragun rawr~

@Maryam i was only jkin geez O.o
@The_Original_Original lol i was jkin also
@Maryam and @The_Original_Original thanks for the help you guys :D

Ah sorreh sorreh~ Original is my...relative. So I'm a LITTLE defensive.

@Maryam it's all good, family should always protect family X3

the CL is my family here.

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