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Digging into your past (Thread)

I moved from Washington state to japan in 2005.(10 years old)
Leaving about 90% of my valubales in a storage locker

Last year I moved from Japan to USA Tennessee.(15 years old)
Right now I finaly have time to finally go through boxes of stuff I couldn't even remember. As I opened the boxes, I found that everything I found so much of myself I didn't realize. I have found a collection of so much I didn't think I have.
Got anime stuff to put on eBay.(post pick later)
Comics of bionicles
And others.

I learned about myself that I drew comics much mor earlier than I thought(started in 2000)

What I want you guys to do is if you got boxes that have been sealed since whenever, share it and see what you remember.

I'm probably going to burn must of my past lol
Post now

No posts?

ii moved about 4 or five times and i dont really have any unopened boxes, much got lost between the moves.

Welp, have fun giving out your personal information to strangers online.
If you get raped or robbed or anything.

Day 2 of cleaning
I found alcohol and my dads porno's (−_−#).
Wish I didn't find that.
And now I found my first rts games I played. So progress logged

if alcohol is above 40%, it won't expire (usually). meaning wines will generally expire and beer most definitely. Hard liquor, generally doesn't.

If its valuvable and your dad hasn't drunk it yet, wait for a few more years and sell it for like 2 times the original purchasing price and get money!~

wew. and sell all the shit you have to people who really want it so u can make more money than say...idk at a garage sale. PROFIT

also, i'm busy rummaging through all the shit the people that left this house so im occupied atm.
so far i found a sony stereo for small home system. hooked it up to my makeshift desktop and it shakes my table. also dat nigga left prada bags and bootleg perfume. didnt pay the fucking renter any wtf

k bye

sell the vintage porno for old ppl srsly. make $$$

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