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Sailor Moon thread (Thread)

Sailor Moon is regarded as one of the most legendary magical girl anime of all time. It changed magical girl anime forever with it's concept of kickass girls and cool transformations. At almost 20 years old, Sailor Moon is still kicking strong in the anime and manga world, it's concept is still used in magical girl anime of today.

Well, with Sailor Moon's manga re-release in America, I thought this thread was needed. Sailor Moon's first volume re-release needed to be re-print since it sold way more copies than the publisher thought it would! That's just speaks volumes, manga does not sell as well as say... Twilight of all things. (Ick...)

Ahem Now that I've done my rambling, CL, you may proceed with this thread. Oh, but make sure you pick up a crescent shaped bald spot kitty if you see one!

I had a black cat (still do! He's old but I love him <3) name Mojo and when I was a little girl I would call him Luna.
Salior moon was my first anime and it was my favorite show back when I was 6. I still have some off the episodes on tape. Might watch them again~

I really hope that someone re-licences the anime too. That will make my entire year, I think. ;_;

here on germany, the manga's beeign re-released too.

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