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Things You Love About the Internet (Thread)

I love searching "Erika Karisawa icon" in google for my deviantart favorite characters meme and finding my colorless icon as one of the first results. :) What about you guys? What do you like?

i like to wacthing free anime

@Jin Great minds think alike eh?

I collect gore pics off the net. It's my vice :<

wacthing anime free and reading manga free to with out downloading

What @Jin said.

..... And the fact that internet trolling is just priceless.

as everyone said pron. Also endless amounts of random videos and websites that give entertainment.

All the information.
And the veraity of people.

All the information in the world, more than a human could ever learn in a lifetime, is literally just a few seconds - maybe minutes - away, and it is indexed and can be found easily.

Something like that is not something that has been the case before in history, ever. Want to know the implicit equation for a moebius strip? Want to read the latest scientific papers on whichever topic you want? Want to listen to lectures about philosophy? Physics? Biology? Well, you can. It's possible. It's not even hard. Heck, want to talk to an expert in the field? You can probably find and mail one, or hunt one down on IRC or on IM, and talk to that person, right now.

This is utterly and completley insane, when you think about it.


the people u meet (not the stalkeres u meet but the people) and all the wonderful games such as fuionfall, and yutube, and its where i found my religion haruhiism


Things I love about the internet? @halcy.

I love the internet because I can actually watch Anime and buy Manga.
most anime isn't even dispatched to this country, can't tell you how many times i've walked into a HMV for the shelf to just be full of Bleach and Naruto and I can actually buy manga off websites cheaper than what it is in the shops.
Higurashi usually £10 and £20 for that one special arc what a rip.

But I guess meeting new, interesting people is pretty cool too.

Pfft. The internet wasn't good 'til I got on. coolface.jpg I mean-

I like memes and trolls and newfags and grammar nazis and yeah...

The internet could possibly be the best thing on the planet. It has almost everything you could thing of on here. I just like to collect pictures to draw from google when I search for anime characters.

i just enjoy the freedom it gives

I enjoy watching anime with my beloved and watching movies.

Aw, that's sweet. But really you just gotta love anime. ^_6

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