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Russia, America and "Y" EU (Thread)

I wanted to get peoples thoughts on this "tit for tat" business between Russia and America which if "shit hit the fan" would result in sending us Europeans to hell.

To give a general setting.

In the infinite wisdom of the United States escaping from the Cold War they now want to build the European Missile Shield, a great idea designed to hopefully protect us from a missile attack and to definantly give America time to organise its men to be "the heroes" again.

As expected f the Russian Federation it blew everything out of proportion and grew a paranoia that the West wants to crush the Russians (We probably do but I think we have enough wars to satisfy us). Thus the Russians have taken to pointing weapons at us Europeans (nice going there btw) and demanding we stop the Mssile defense shield or they'll do it for us.

Now we Europeans these days have little issue with our Russian neighbours, sure we have our greivances but i'm confident most of our countries place Pakistan, Iran etc. above the "Reds", even though the threats are towards the Eastern most parts of Europe it begs the question of just how far they would go beyond those areas to defend the Russian Federation from the perceived threat.
Tt's annoying to think that this petty squabble between two super powers looks to use us as its battlefield.

I want to know what your opinions are, whether you are American, Russian or just us Euro's in the middle.

You're speaking like it actually has something to do with you. They're playing their little games of chess and you're not even a pawn in it, none of us are. Just some random specks of dust on the chessboard hoping that some big bad rook won't be stomping in their field in near future.

You really think any of those countries(nah, not countries) actually give a fuck about "defending" against each other? If all they want is to protect themselves, then there's nothing to be afraid of in the first place. Weapons are just another way of keeping the mouths of us 'little people' shut while our lives are being played with in this pointless contest of who has a bigger dick.

@TokoyamiSenshi Fair enough but my point is, is it right they use us as the hessboard even if nothing were to come of this?
Russia a few year back made a nuclear threat against Europe to destroy the shield, you would very much find a nuclear explosion would effect more than the tiny boarder nations of Europe.

The whole point of this is that the Cold War is over so why should we Europeans still fell threatened

Because if we don't feel threathened, we won't do as we're told.

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