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Wattpad (Thread)

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Wattpad ? It's basically like, only not all fan fiction. Writers of all genres post their stories on the site, and you can even create covers for your stories.

I have one, and I have an ongoing Hetalia fan fiction posted. I'd love for anyone interested to try reading it :) Here's the first chapter

Ooooo!!! I used to use WAttpad [to read] I don't anymore cause i lost my itouch and thats really the only way i cared to access it...
but there is a lot of good stuff on there
Reading what you have, you have a good start.. though really i haven't seen enough of hetalia to get what the heck is going on and who the people are.... but you have some good stuff and themes there... only thing i gotta say is that... is there a way of getting rid of the excessive spacing? It is unappealing

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