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so I'm in my final year of the graphic design course. we have to write a 5000 words dissertation. here is my thought about this matter:

but that aside, I'm thinking of writing about New Media Art and how it has been taking over these last few years, so any advice ? books ? tips about writing essay/dissertation ? I'm horrible at writing so any help would be appreciated :( heck, I may hired someone to write my dissertation :P

Ugh, I had to do a dissertation last semester and it sucked.
Just make sure you outline your points clearly with good supporting details.

If you want to talk about how new media art has become more relevant recently, maybe you can give examples of this in pop culture or some other similar area.

I don't really know much about art in that respect, so I can't help you much with the content but if you need someone to edit or look it over for you, I can help out with that no problem.

5000 is an intimidating word, but isn't as bad as it sounds. I'm not sure what your thesis is, so I'll make one up for example.

Say I wrote a dissertation with a thesis, stating that a majority of fruits were not orange in color. In such, I could have a paragraph on how apples and bananas are indeed not orange. Then afterwards, acknowledge such orange fruits and mangos and oranges. For the last paragraph, cover why said fruits are orange. Then, conclude with a summary.

However, that is far from 5000 words. That's where sources and over proving come. I could take time to define orange as a wavelength range, what qualifies as a vegetable, rather than a fruit, discount those fruits who have intermediate stages of orangeness, rather than ripe stages. In the third section, you can make an entire other paragraph about how the climate of an orange and it's sunlight exposure makes it more profitable to be said color.

So if you were bored by my oranges, I'll summarize. Break a thesis into qualifying principles, and support said principles. Rather than writting one dissertation, trying writing three interconnected essays.

Google Scholar is your friend. Helps you pinpoint the journal articles that you need.

Basic Formula of a dissertation, Thesis is:

  • Usually you will need 1/3 of those 5000 words for a review of other people's work, mostly from journals and peer-reviewed books (think books that come from University Presses rather than penguin or scholastic XD). My own strategy is to make it actually a little more than a third just by using a lot of direct quotations so I can use up as many words as I can! XD

  • Your own opinion should be 2000 words, so just prove how your view, which is either similar or different from the people you mentioned, is the correct one. Basic argumentation style to be used.

  • Last 1000- 1500 words is a comparison between what you did, and what was in the review, So you can really pinpoint where your opinion is superior to the others. It basically is the conclusion that wraps up what you mentioned throughout the essay.

That said, I never actually submit a dissertation before -twirls- but yeah that's how it will go.

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